Looking for events to attend this May? The Freelance Jungle has you covered with client management, accountability, coworking and more.

Have your say on client management

You’ve probably noticed we’ve gone all out with client management for the month of May. We’re looking to bridge the gap between freelance and client by instilling great habits on BOTH sides of the fence. But we need your help to do that. In order to make a case for what freelancers need to have powerful and positive relationships with their clients, we need to qualify what that looks like and prove it.

That’s where the client management research comes in. The Freelance Jungle wants you to share your client management woes and good times stories so we can show what’s needed to move the industry forward in a positive direction so we can begin advocating to clients in earnest. You can answer anonymously OR you can give your email and go in the draw to win Rounded (accounting software) subscriptions, a 6-hour workshop with me, design help with Jess and more. There’s nothing suss, just ten minutes of you sharing, so we can make a change together!

Answer the survey now: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FJ_client

You get a freelance event! You get a freelance event! 

We look forward to seeing you at a slew of freelance events throughout May. And yes, there will be a transcript or action replay (or both) if you cannot make it.

Managing the money side of the freelancer to client relationship – 11am Sydney time this Friday

Freelance Jungle founder Rebekah Lambert is talking to the accountant Holly Shoebridge this Friday. Holly will share tips, tools, and tricks to avoid mistakes and create an equal, appreciative, and financially smooth relationship. The event includes a 15-minute Q&A session with the audience, so bring your questions!

11am Sydney time Friday May 5th – RSVP now 

Thank you to our sponsor, Rounded, for supporting this event and making it possible. <3 If you’re looking for more advice to make your freelancing sing, check out their whopping 71 pieces of advice from successful freelancers. 

Mastering the Art of Building Successful Relationships between Clients and Freelancers 1pm Sydney time May 17th

Obsessed with taking all the burden off freelancers to manage the clients, The Freelance Jungle has assembled a panel to talk about how to be a great organisation to work with from a freelancer perspective. It includes panelists from recruiting, marketing agency and startup life (because these are the three groups that give us the most grief or we’re plain scared of working with).

Come along – and bring your clients! – It’s designed to benefit freelancer AND clients alike.

1pm Sydney time May 17th

Register now to attend!

Thank you to our sponsor, Rounded, for supporting this event and making it possible. <3 If you’re looking for more advice to make your freelancing sing, check out their whopping 71 pieces of advice from successful freelancers. 

Creative coworking 

Need a little pep to get your creative stuff done? Join the Freelance Jungle Patreon members for some virtual coworking! You can bring whatever creative project you believe may benefit from this accountability. That includes writing, art, digital manipulation, using AI, design, maker stuff, music, as a crafternoon replacement, etc. Skies really the limit.

9:30am Friday May 12th Sydney time.

Register via https://www.patreon.com/freelancejungle

Business virtual coworking 

Is business more your speed? Bring whatever work you think would benefit from some deep, solid focus. Examples include your marketing, client work you might struggle to focus on, your side projects, courses and ideas you’re developing, writing, designing and more. This is an exclusive Patreon member benefit designed to keep you making incremental progress on your business with the support of your peers.

11am Friday May 12th Sydney time.

Register via https://www.patreon.com/freelancejungle


1. Join Zoom with something you want to get done

2. Share what you are working on

3. Work with mic off and video on.

4. Turn mic on in the last ten minutes to report the results to the group.

Collaborative stress down: Accountability edition 

In this session, we will explore how to stay productive by incorporating gamification techniques, tackle imposter syndrome, challenge procrastination, and build positive habits to help you grow your work incrementally.

The new monthly event kicks off 1pm Sydney time May 15th with ACCOUNTABILITY.

Register via https://www.patreon.com/freelancejungle


After the success of our maiden voyage into collaborative stress downs re: client management, the Freelance Jungle Patreon is proud to present a series of collaborative and informative stress downs.


May – Accountability

June – Brand and design with Freelance Jungle branding wizard, Jessica Harkins

July – Community management

August – Back yourself! with marketing guru and small business coach, Sandy Forbes Taylor

More to come…hit me up if you want to be a guest! – bek@freelancejungle.com.au 


Take your freelancing to new heights with the Freelance Jungle accountability pods. It’s your in-built cheer squad to help with all things freelance or creative. Hayley and Rebekah guide you through the process with a few special surprises along the way. Format and registration is here: https://freelancejungle.com.au/2023-freelance-accountability-pods/

If you want to get the flavour of them, this blog may help: https://freelancejungle.com.au/you-hate-marketing/ 


Join us in the main Freelance Jungle group for a promotion thread with a difference, I MADE THIS! Thursdays. Share all the cool sh*t you’ve been making, building, learning and creating for clients, yourself and the world with your freelance bad assery. It’s a fun way to share your work, meet other creators, and celebrate all things freelance.

We look forward to seeing you at a freelance event soon.


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