Building the Australian freelance community

One convesation, event and idea at a time

Our Story

What began as a survey of the Australian freelance landscape in 2010 has grown into a national online and offline community and education project. The Freelance Jungle is about bringing Australian freelancers together to help share the knowledge, raise the bar and end the isolation inherent with freelance life.

  • Inspiration 80%
  • Perspiration 97%
  • Curiosity 89%
  • Learning 82%


Online or in person, the Freelance Jungle brings together members of the Australian freelance community.


From online education through to socialising, festivals and workshops, we bring freelancers together.


Sharing the knowledge and encouraging the community learning is the every day at the Freelance Jungle.

Self care & Support

End the isolation and flourish as a part of a mentally healthy Australian freelance community that cares.

Freelance Jungle Founder, Rebekah Lambert

Rebekah Lambert is content marketing freelancer, Unashamedly Creative. She’s also the founder of Hacking Happiness, a project designed to remind Australian businesses & professionals that stress has a productivity cost. And she runs The Freelance Jungle, an online and offline social club designed to support the Australian freelance community. When she’s not talking business and stress reduction, she’s exploring the wonders of Wollongong and the Illawarra.

Brisbane events coordinator, Emily Read

The freelance life was never on Emily Read’s life plan, but she’s embraced it just the same. A freelancer since she graduated with a BA(Hons first class), Emily is an SEO copywriter who hails from Hobart but has set up “shop” in Brisbane – though in true freelance style, she’s worked from cafes across the country. When she’s not writing for clients or gathering Brisbane’s freelance monkeys together for a natter and a warm beverage, Emily can be found reading, sewing or enjoying the sunshine. Emily’s website is

Adelaide events coordinator, Erica Stacey

Erica has been working in the creative space for (well) over 10 years, and running her own biz, Scout, for over 4 years. Scout provides a range of digital strategy, marketing, implementation and management services to a range of small to medium clients. More recently, Scout has focused more on working with clients in the B2B space, with many in the construction and technology industries. Erica is married, has a very active toddler (in child care most days), and is trying to balance a little bit of regular running and yoga with work and no more than 4 coffees a day. She’s also trying hard to have “offline” hobbies, and has so far tried: colouring in, knitting, sewing, and making candles. You can find her here

Sydney events coordinator, Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer and business coach who’s been self-employed since 2008. With a background in Public Relations and digital communications, Brook helps sole traders and small business owners to stand out in business, build their professional reputation and magnify their impact online. Check out Brook’s business, Hustle & Heart, at

This is an Australian freelance community that cares. Find out what other members have to say

Being part of the Freelance Jungle community has been so, so helpful, especially as I’m just starting out. I would have been lost without it.

Thankyou for The Freelance Jungle forum – I find it so helpful on so many levels. It’s a lot more helpful and provides a lot more practical support than most. Plus it’s fun and helps break the isolation and loneliness that can sometimes happen to freelancers.

Everybody here is down to earth, kicking goals and most importantly, like-minded!

Anything I say has already been summed up ridiculously well, but again, thank you Bek for creating such a supportive and fantastic group.

For me one of my favorite things is reading everyone’s wins, and losses, and the benefits and frustrations of freelancing. It helps at times knowing we’re all fighting similar battles and it’s basically the equivalent of workmates at the office watercooler letting off steam etc which is therapeutic for me.