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The Freelance Jungle began with a survey of freelancer challenges in 2011. It has grown into a brimming Facebook group, virtual catchups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to freelancer education via blogs and online learning.

Our efforts in freelance mental health and stress reduction have not gone unnoticed. We were honoured as the 2019 NSW WayAhead Mental Health Matters Workplace Wellbeing winner.

The Freelance Jungle demonstrates our commitment to Australian and New Zealand freelancers, sole operators and creative practitioners by:

1) Building community and creating connection. We believe that while we may have to be physically isolated, we don’t have to be socially siloed or feel alone at this critical time

2) Raising the knowledge bar for Australian freelancers (and our adopted Kiwi cousins) through information sharing and strength building as an industry

3) Reminding freelancers that stress has a productivity cost- and to give practical strategies to combat the stress to reduce the incidence of mental health issues and suicidality within self-employment

4) Unifying our industry voice and campaigning for rights and recognition. We want to end the stigma and offer freelancers, creators, remote workers and innovators as the solution now and in the future.

The Freelance Jungle services 6700+ freelancers in Australia and New Zealand.

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Rebekah Lambert

Rebekah Lambert

Founder and Content & Community Lead

Rebekah Lambert is a content marketing freelancer and community and culture specialist by trade and a freelance advocate in her (somewhat mythical) spare time.

As the founder of The Freelance Jungle, she spreads a message of community support and stress reduction through focusing on ending the isolation inherent in sole employment, raising the knowledge bar, and sharing support.

When she’s not talking business and stress reduction, she’s exploring the wonders of Wollongong and the Illawarra. You can follow Rebekah’s adventures via Unashamedly Creative  and via the official Freelance Jungle Facebook group. Or catch up for a chat at a Wollongong event.

Hayley Rollason-Jones

Hayley Rollason-Jones

Accountability and Special Projects Lead

Based in Cairns, Hayley is a freelance motion designer, animator and editor. She runs Curl Co. Productions. She has been working in video production since 2009 as a one-man band video producer and often use this wide-ranging experience to production manage and direct on projects as well as the post-production side of things. She usually work with medium-to-large companies, organisations and agencies to produce works for marketing and advertising, research and communications purposes.

Hayley brings a level head, a lot of youthful insight and some of the best giflish the Freelance Jungle has ever seen.

Ever filled with curiosity and imagination, Hayley is the new lead for special projects. 

Jessica Harkins

Jessica Harkins

Creative Lead

Visual storyteller, outside-the-box thinker, strategic brand builder, Jess is obsessed with designing good looking things, her mission is to rid the world of design that burns the eyeballs.

Freelancing in different forms for 20+ years, Six Onions was created in 2012. Six Onions – because each project’s like an onion with many layers, through idea, concept, construction, development and use – and there’s an onion for each creative service in the soup.

Six Onions has grown through advice and support from The Freelance Jungle community, so it’s a great pleasure to help support the jungle with Six Onions creative services.

Jessica makes the magic of Rebekah’s story telling and vision come alive with fullsome strokes of her creative culture loving, Muppet-inspired pens.

Gibson and George

Gibson and George

Wellness team

Gibson and George are usually found chasing waves and rays around the wilds of Freelance Jungle HQ.

These special labradorks oversee much of the idea creation, community management and overall structure of the Freelance Jungle generally.

Official Morale Officers, they remind the Freelance Jungle team that stress does have a productivity cost. But that this stress is often reduced by a walk along the beach or a great game of ball.

 We also have Ink the Cat and several other friends working their morale magic right around the country. 

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The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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