Our Australian freelance community is kinda like family

One of the things we’re super proud of with the Freelance Jungle is it’s like a mini village. We accept you for who you are and encourage you to hold your freak flag high.

Not everyone you will meet in a community setting will be your cup of tea, and that’s OK. Yet this doesn’t stop us having respectful, fun and challenging conversations.

What we do miss out on is a lot of the angst that comes along with the usual online community setting. You can be assured that no matter your sexual orientation, disability, cultural identification or belief system, you’ll be welcome.

The other fun thing about our freelance community is that it’s self-weeding. People that want to pick fights, have superiority complexes or don’t want to respect our guidelines usually don’t last long.

We do our best to create a safe space in an otherwise harsh internet world. That’s so you, who is already facing enough stress and challenges as a freelancer, can come to our community when you need it. All without fear of keeping up with the Joneses, high-pressure sales malarkey and bitchy playground antics.

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Freelance challenges

We're eventful too.

As far as Australian freelance events go, we’re a little different. You won’t be subjected to limp pitches and equally limp sales pitches. Nor will you have to duck business cards as they are flung like ninja stars in the vague hope the sales patter sticks.

The Freelance Jungle began with bringing people together.

After realising the challenge facing freelancers was disconnection and fragmentation, the aim was simple.

Bring freelancers and the self-employed together in a friendly environment. 

We bring community and campaign-based ideas to life. This has included festivals dedicated to redundancy reinvention, local meets, and advocating for respect from clients in campaign form. 

Online virtual stress-downs happen every two months and are a great way to share your highs and lows with our supportive Australian freelance community.

We also have a range of digital education events and fun mixer activities running to meet the needs of our currently online world. These events are a mix of free and pay what you can afford events via Patreon. 

We focus on self-care, education and connection for Australian freelancers, creative practitioners and sole traders. 


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The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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