Freelance self-care is where it’s at.

Time to banish freelance stress and get productive at the same time. Sound like a bad informercial? Read on, freelance friend. You can be stress-free and productive in no time. 

We focus on self-care as the bedrock of ensuring your best asset is always protected. 

Sit down here and let’s talk about your self-care, shall we? It’s amazing how many freelancers skip practical steps to self-care on a regular basis when we really don’t need to. 

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Are you skipping vital self-care?

Getting enough rest and sleep in a day, week, month or year.

We recognise for new parents, people with disabilities and when clients haven’t paid, this can be tough. But adequate, good quality sleep helps keep you focussed and creative. 

Spending time outside with nature.

Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that there is an entire world (and life) outside our working day. Whether it’s land, sea or trees, nature really connects us all. 

Incorporating breaks into your work day to refresh and recharge .

Instead of bragging about being welded to your desk, unable to pee, eat or think properly, make it part of your creative business process to take breaks and recharge. 

Eating well and mindfully.

No, eating an entire box of Jatz crackers or eating at the desk doesn’t count. We all need proper nutrition from a variety of healthy foods and time to eat it without screens or intusions. 

Doing things other than work. 

When was the last time you made time to catch up with friends and family, share a laugh, or even doing nothing for the heck of it? Time spent socialising, laughing, creating and more helps reduce stress.

Giving to people without the expectation of something in return.

Giving time to your community, volunteer organisations and/or creative projects helps us maintain perspective and move away from the scarcity mindset that can sometimes overwhelm us in freelancing. 

Moving your body and getting some exercise.

Ask yourself when the last time was you walked, bicycled or shook your groove thing in earnest. Make sure you are moving your body on a regular basis.

Leaving the phone, email, social media and other digital distractions alone.

Yes, this may involve some serious unplugging and fortitude but still …

Listing what makes you feel happy, in control and grateful.

Instead of only focussing on the task ahead, take time each day to reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome, the things you’ve done well and what makes you grateful. 

Feeling a little embarrassed about how much self-care you might be skipping?

Don’t be.

The majority of freelancers fall for the ‘always on’ idea at some point in their freelance career. It’s what you do with that realisation that counts.

Let’s build better habits while allowing you to truly craft a working life that suits your energy, lifestyle and goals. Embrace self-care as part of proper business management today.

It’s time to take freelance self-care seriously.

Why freelance self-care matters

17% of all suicides are estimated to be workplace-related in Australia.

Our relationship with work is difficult and is often peppered with compassion fatigue, burn out, continued low level stress and suicidal thoughts.

Small business owners, start-ups and freelancers are classified in the “high risk” category of stress related mental health issues, self-injury and suicidal tendencies.

With the uncertainty of the last few years together with today’s inflation, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of continued stress and strain. 

Part of the reason we were seen as a high-risk group by Beyond Blue and the Council of Small Business Australia COSBA taskforce established in 2015 was the impact financial hardship and business failure plays on our susceptibility to thoughts of suicide, hopelessness and isolation.

Here’s how you can break the freelance stress habit in style:

Find allies

Join the
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No matter the stress, we’re here for you. You can find your accountability, inspiration and courage all in one.

Learn with us

Take control through learning 

Put your best foot forward through learning as much you can and feeling your confidence grow with other Australian freelancers.

Get help

We believe in making sure that the conversations about stress and mental health we need to have are a part of the every day. Here are some resources to help you start that conversation.  You can also join us for our regular stress down, crafternoon and not so casual virtual events.

Want even more freelance self-care?

Why not check out our blog for helpful tips and strategies now?

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