Learn freelancing on your own terms
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Wanna learn freelancing? Or is it time to upskill?

Learn freelancing on your own terms in a flexible payment environment. At the Freelance Jungle, we recognise that you’re all at different stages of learning. And that not everyone has the same earning capacity, especially during coronavirus.

That’s why we have split our educational products three ways:

Learn to freelance on your own terms and with Australian freelancer specific information with us.

Bring your brain and let’s make it sparkle! You can learn online and face-to-face at a time that is convenient for you.

From learning how to better manage your mental health as a freelancer through to marketing, client management and more, we’ve got your back.

Virtual Coaching


Need to run a sanity check over your idea or want to try something for the first time? Our freelance coaches can be your own personal mentor.

From starting an idea, publishing your first book, securing your IP, making an animation and more, our freelance coaches can help.

We’re doing everything from taking hefty threads in our Facebook group and translating them into blogs, building eBooks, podcasts, read-a-long courses, masterminds and more for you.

Check out what we have on the Patreon to help inspire you to greater heights.

The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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