Learn freelancing on your own terms

Wanna learn freelancing? Or is it time to upskill?

Here are things to shine your noggin’ while you’re slingin’ the freelance goodness!

Have you ever been to an internet group where someone puts up a question and then the person that shouts the loudest tends to be heard? And when that happens, have you ever had that awful cringe gut feeling of knowing through expertise or personal experience that the answer is a bad one?

We got tired of seeing people claim all manner of authority on stuff they seriously don’t know. More accurately, we got extremely worried about how much hot water you might land in because someone who is giving advice on an aspect of freelancing knows absolutely dick.

That’s why we’re giving you awesome ways to tap into qualified information and opportunities to grow your knowledge.

Learn to freelance on your own terms and with Australian freelancer specific information with us.

Bring your brain and let’s make it sparkle! You can learn online and face-to-face at a time that is convenient for you.

From learning how to better manage your mental health as a freelancer through to marketing, client management and more, we’ve got your back.

Need to run a sanity check over your idea or want to try something for the first time? Our freelance coaches can be your own personal mentor.

From starting an idea, publishing your first book, securing your IP, making an animation and more, our freelance coaches can help.

We’re doing everything from taking hefty threads in our Facebook group and translating them into blogs, building eBooks, podcasts, Zines and more for you.

Our growing library is there to help inspire you to greater heights.

We’re by Australian freelancers for Australian freelancers because we believe as a community, we know our challenges and needs better than anyone else. 

Our aim is not to sell you a new way of doing freelancing. It’s to help you find how to put your best foot forward.


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