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This is the official home for the Australian freelance community, the Freelance Jungle.

The Freelance Jungle is here to offer advice, support and camaraderie in all the stage of your freelance journey.


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A place for creative creatures

What began in 2010 as a humble survey on freelancing has flourished into a vibrant, supportive and professional freelance community.

The Freelance Jungle was created with three simple ideas in mind:

1) We aim to end the isolation inherent in self-employment

2) To remind self-employed people that stress has a productivity cost

3) Raising the bar in Australian freelancing through knowledge and education.


Join the community that understands what it’s like to live the Australian freelance life. Enjoy a host of online events, monthly networking events and share knowledge in our massive Facebook group. 


Start your freelance journey with all kinds of workshops, info and educational opportunities. Sharpen your freelance skills with coaching and info-rich blogs.  Connect with advice from all kinds of freelancers in our community. 

Self Care

De-stress, relax and end the isolation inherent with freelance life with self care. Discover the art of productivity through fostering resilience. Create a working life on your own terms and navigate the Freelance Jungle in a positive way. 

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Simple idea




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Read the latest in news and views, sharpen your skills and learn all about freelancing.

The Freelance Jungle blog is written by Australian freelancers for the tough Australian conditions.

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Join the private Facebook group and share the highs and lows of what it means to be an Australian freelancer.


Attend regular face to face events in Sydney, Brisbane and Wollongong and special events in Adelaide and Canberra. Meet other freelancers in a friendly, non-sales environment.


Take advantage of free virtual seminars, podcasts and all kinds of opportunities to strengthen your freelance skills online.

Self Care

Discover the art of self care and what it can do to lower your stress levels and boost productivity. All while kicking freelance ass.


Be inspired and inspire others at Australia’s first dedicated festival on freelance worklife balance. Coming to you in 2019


Contribute to the future of the Australian freelance scene. Have your voice heard, create ideas and more.

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