Meet the Freelance Jungle Patreon

We get by with a little help from our friends. That’s why we launched a Freelance Jungle Patreon.

In 2018, we began the journey into crowdfunding via the Freelance Jungle Patreon. This gave us as a community dedicated to helping you with information and advice be better able to support you. It also took some of the financial stress off the project through covering out of pocket costs.

With a gentle push from the pandemic and other places, the Freelance Jungle Patreon has developed into a  ‘pay what you can afford’ access to education including classes, workshops, coaching and more. 

Every little bit helps. 

Running a group of over 6700 members takes a lot of time and effort. The more you can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, the more you commit to the sustainability of the Freelance Jungle in the long haul. 


In 2023, we’re working with valued friends and partners in the business sector to create opportunities to share the Freelance Jungle self-care vibes. 

We welcome businesses that want to invest in the future of Australian freelancing from the ground up. 

Interested? Get in touch and let’s talk now. 


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These activities are outlined on our Patreon.

Please note: we’re a community built on working towards community-orientated goals. Financial support of the project does not mean our vision can be bought and sold.

The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



Mailing Address:
The Freelance Jungle
PO Box 68
NSW 2528