Did you know that by joining the Patreon, you’ve made it possible for me to keep running the Freelance Jungle group? It’s true!

I got seriously ill in 2018 and couldn’t keep up the pace of freelancing, let alone run the Freelance Jungle. I sat in my living room with my best mate and my partner and released a video to Facebook explaining my situation and asking people to help me keep the Jungle running by joining the Patreon.

Honestly, I was expecting no one would step up – and at least I could close my beloved (but unwieldy) side project without guilt.

But 200 people stepped up and kept it alive. And I’ve been grateful for that support – and others who have taken up the mantle – ever since.

As a Freelance Jungle Patreon supporter (or Pinkies as you’re affectionately known), you receive:

Access to the Jungle Lounge

This special group is for Pinkies only! It’s the group where you can share jobs, grants, creative awards and other opportunities.

It’s also your place to chat in a smaller group environment with your fellow Patreon supporters about anything. Ask questions, chat about your day, and take a load off in an intimate online environment.

NOTE: I need the email address you want added to that group if it is not the same as the one you have supplied on Patreon.

Invites to Pinkies only events

All current Patreon supporting Pinkies receive:

  • Access to the Jungle Lounge. It’s the group where you can share jobs, grants, creative awards and other opportunities.
  • Access to virtual coworking. This takes place every second Friday of the month over two sessions:
  1. Creative coworking – work on your creative and side hustle projects – 9:30am to 10:30am Sydney time
  2. Business coworking – bring your client work, marketing, projects and more – 12:30pm to 2:30pm Sydney time
  • Ask Me Anything events, roundtables, and live one-hour classes throughout the year.
  • Catch up on events via the Freelance Jungle blog with action replays.
  • A weekly freelance shot in the arm called ‘This week in freelancing’, a short blog that centres on motivation and self-care with prompts for marketing, creativity and business, interesting opportunities. Check out the first one.
  • Access to Patreon specific content for your tier via the Patreon Only category on the blog
  • Messages, polls, videos, and reminders of upcoming events and happenings via the Patreon platform (plus the Patreon’s Collections feature for easy browsing).

As a $8 Vine-time supporter, you’ll receive all the above and:

  • A monthly tip blog.
  • An invitation to take part in the Deadline Party, a special six-week course where you, me and a bunch of other Pinkies meet to weekly to launch a self-directed project, and celebrate the launch in front of ALL Freelance Jungle members at a special online event. It’s perfect for giving you the hustle and accountability needed to move your idea forward.

As a $15 Coconut/Accountability supporter, you’ll receive all the above and:

  • A monthly worksheet to help keep your freelancing in tip-top shape.
  • Invites to the “live by five” style Sit-Ins, a hybrid event that includes a short presentation, virtual coworking, and class led discussion of a topic design to help with pricing, social media, crowdfunding, and more.
  • Access to accountability pods, a small working group to help keep you on target with a self-directed goal for 12 months, a monthly blog, informal chat with Hayley and I every second month, and a show and tell party as the 12-month finale.

As a $30 Jungle Juice supporter, you’ll receive all the above and:

  • An additional monthly workbook to help you work on a specific aspect of your business such as motivation, self-care, client management and more. Here’s the mother of all workbooks, the 2024 annual planner, to give you an idea.
  • Monthly audio and video short form tips from me.
  • Exclusive priority entry to any classes and courses.

As a $120 Jungle Jive supporter, you’ll receive all the above and:

  • An hour of personal coaching, along with notes and a recording of our session (worth $179) with special booking link (it’s sent to you by Patreon)
  • Chat with me on your own channel for real-time questions.

Oh, and for the frugal Dougals out there, opt for to an annual membership and receive one FREE month on any tier.

So, what are you waiting for? Start supporting the Freelance Jungle Patreon today!

The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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