We’re opening the Freelance Jungle website to freelance guest blogger submissions. You can opt to share that one-off story you’ve got burning a hole in your writerly mind. Or you can be a regular freelance guest blogger on a monthly or quarterly timetable. The choice is yours.

If you have got a way with words or want to share that big freelance brain of yours in tantalising blog-sized chunks, you’ve come to the right place!

The Freelance Jungle is always looking for fun, informative, relevant and useful blogs that other freelancers can use.

Guidelines for our freelance guest blogger submissions:

·        We accept original content only. So please do not submit blogs you have published elsewhere or content you’ve nicked off someone else.

·        Our audience is Australia and New Zealand. We’re after content from the ANZ region as a priority.

·        All submissions need to be in UK English (Australian strine is also acceptable. We also accept blogs in Australian Indigenous language as long as it comes with translation).

·        We’re for freelancers by freelancers. Please understand that we’re looking for freelance guest blogger content and not companies looking to reach freelance audiences. If you are a company looking to share blog content, please contact us for our media kit via info (at) freelancejungle (dot) com (dot) au

·        Blogs need to be written in a web-friendly way. You can DOWNLOAD THIS HANDY BLOGGING TEMPLATE.

·        Standard blogs need to be longer than 600 words but no more than 1200 words. Some great examples include Setting up a mastermind group with your fellow freelancers and My net profit is healthy, so why is my cash flow so tight? 

·        We accept longer-form blogs, geared towards identifying industry issues and/or providing actionable educational content i.e. Your freelancing. Your health falls apart. Now what? on a case-by-case basis.

·        If you are submitting an animation, video, infographic, podcast or some form of non-written content, please include a 300-word explanation to accompany it on the blog.

·        Blatant self-promotional content is not welcome. So please be mindful of your topics.

·        We can’t pay for submissions but we do give byline, bio and link.

·        All blogs must be error free (so no typos or glaring problems).

·        We love sharing the love around here. If we can swap a blog (i.e. provide you one for your blog), that’s super rad.

·        So we can promote you as the freelance guest blogger who wrote the piece, please include a 70-word (or less) bio with your website links and 2 main social links with your submission along with your author photo. You may also include a photo to go with the blog but please ensure you have the appropriate rights to do so and can credit it appropriately.

·        Please submit all blogs via info (at) freelancejungle (dot) com (dot) au

·        Please allow up to 28 days to see your blog live on the website.

·        We reserve the right to decline content if we deem it not in keeping with the Freelance Jungle.

The kinds of topics we find are useful on the Freelance Jungle blog are:

·        Business Motivation

·        Client Management

·        Educational Resources

·        Finding freelance work

·        Freelance advocacy

·        Freelance Lifestyle

·        Freelancing during COVID-19

·        Marketing for freelancers

·        Self-care for self employed

The key is relevance and ensuring the content shared adds value to the freelancing journey.

What we won’t accept:

·        Press releases in any format

·        Blatant self-promotion, advertorials or thinly veiled marketing content

·        While the Freelance Jungle contains a lot of parents and digital nomads, this is not a parenting and/or travel blog. Relevance to freelancing is paramount

·        Any content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist and/or otherwise mock, humiliate or shame members of the Freelance Jungle community

·        Blogs that are designed to divide and create anger for the specific purpose of creating agitation


The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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