Whether you’re a client looking for the perfect freelance gift or a friend or family member who wants to support your favourite freelancer, knowing what to get a freelancer can be tough. But never fear for the Freelance Jungle is here!

Here’s your guide to the perfect freelance gift. If you’ve been sent this blog, take it as a not-so-subtle hint!

Automation for the win

A perfect freelance gift is something that’s designed to make our life easier. Maybe it’s a tool you know about. Perhaps it’s some cool, new software. Or a peripheral device for carrying those necessary bits and bobs. Think of that mighty but useful tool that has made your life easier and share!

Think about travel adaptors, USB or storage devices for storage. Or perhaps a subscription to a time tracking, project management or collaboration software.

Anything beverage related

Freelancers live on coffee a lot of the time. Those that don’t like coffee dig into the tea. And then there’s always night-time when the wine. Some even like the finer things like gin or whisky. You may need to do a little investigation to make sure you get the right drink, but you can’t go wrong with buying your freelancer a drink.

You can even use the Good Pair Days code Lambert to gift a free bottle of wine in the mix. For coffee, you can support freelance-run Illawarra-based independent coffee roaster, the Stanny Roaster.  Or Freelance Jungle favourites Rabbit Hole Tea for the tea lovers in your life.

Shine their brain

A perfect freelance gift is the opportunity to learn. Freelancers love the heck out of courses, books, workshops and more. We can use them for levelling up our freelancing and getting our brains all shiny.

Unsure what freelance workshop or book might go down well? You can try a voucher and let the freelancer pick their present. Or look for something in the active leisure range of classes online and at places like Workshop to let them learn and create in their leisure time.

Consider places like We Teach Me or Workshop.

Crafting an impression

Whether you’re looking at craft kits or zine making, your freelancer will go gaga for the chance to get their maker on. Again, you can buy a freelance gift voucher if you are unsure of their crafting pleasure from places like Riot Art and Craft. Or hit Etsy to check out the zine making kits.

Or you can grab some hot stationery and send that instead. Popular freelance items include diaries, journals, planners, TO DO lists and calendars from places like Typo and Kikki.K.

Office pet bling

That furry, finned or feathered (or scaled) muse you keep hearing about is the apple of your freelancer’s eye. So, why not recognise their office pet with a little bit of pet bling?

Nothing says “I value you as the tripper you are” by arranging a freelance gift at the pet store or hitting your local maker market.

Introductions to potential clients

One of the most worthwhile freelance gifts you can give is through introductions. Introducing your freelancer to potential new clients, mentors, contacts that could help spread the word and opportunities- they are often overlooked but make your freelancer feel incredibly valued. Plus, it’s a low-cost freelance gift that is incredibly useful. All it takes is an email or a coffee invite!

Support their side hustle

Many freelancers build products, services and creative outlets. It doesn’t hurt to ask your freelancer if they have a side hustle and if so, what you can do to support it. It might mean sharing the word with your friends, colleagues and family. It could be that you crowdfund a project. Or buy a product directly.  Whatever the case, your support is an amazing freelance gift to your favourite freelancer.

You can also check out some of the side hustles listed on our blog and gift your favourite freelancer with something from their community. Nice!

Meaning through donation

With everything that has been happening in the world, freelancers and freelance clients alike are turning to donations for the end of year gift-giving. Everyone feels a little warmer and fuzzier when they hear their freelance gift is to help a cause in need. Plus, the bonus is it’s easy to arrange and tax deductible in a lot of cases.

Popular causes include the bushfire appeal and Support Act.

Gift some freelance bling

Want your freelancer to catch the eye of potential clients in the street as they jog and run errands? Or make them feel right at home at their desk? You can always hit the Freelance Jungle Redbubble store and help your freelancer look the part with exclusive merch across keep cups, phone accessories, tee shirts, hoodies, wall posters, coffee mugs and more.

Send a hamper

Another way to gift a freelancer is to send a hamper. You get extra points if your chosen freelance gift is a hamper made from locally made products. You can send food and wine hampers, pamper packages and more. Plus, a hamper is a great way for your freelancer to get a taste of your local town or share their loot with their contractors.

Access to networks

One of the greatest ways to gift the ambitious freelancer is to give them access to networks. You can do this by inviting them along to your networking events, gifting them a professional membership or simply inviting them to dinner next time you catch up with your peers. Being open about your business relationships can really be a game changer for a freelancer.

Share the experience

One of the most memorable freelance gifts is an experience. There are so many experience-based options these days to choose from. You can pick artisan food and drink tours, gift vouchers to experience portals, behind the scenes access stuff, a voucher to your favourite pampering place and more.

Cold hard cash

Nothing says “thank you so much for the work you’ve done” better than a cash bonus or one of those wonderful debit cards with credit card number gift cards you can buy from Australia Post. Whether it’s an extra payment on a recent freelance job or something a little extra to make the holidays sweeter, it will be appreciated.

A freelance gift to remember

No matter what you choose for your freelancer, the gratitude and recognition can really make your freelancer’s day. Freelancing is often a thankless job. So, having someone notice the good you do and acknowledge it, even in a small capacity, can be absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and the ultimate freelance present? Hire them again in 2021!

If you’re looking for amazing Australian freelancers, check out the Freelance Jungle directory.


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