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Here is a collection of the freelance side hustles we saw in action during October and November 2020

Holiday themed freelance side hustles

Nothing says extra revenue stream through your talents quicker than holiday themed freelance side hustles. We’re grabbing some amazing Halloween products as well as some ones just in time for the festive season with this collection.

Personalised Santa Letters – Jodie Bowker   

My week has been crazy busy getting my little hobby business ready for its 14th Christmas … writing personalised letters from Santa! Every single letter is written from scratch the most uniquely individual and personalised letters you’ll find anywhere in the world!

So, I *made* this: I write for children of ALL ages big and small, the believers and the doubters. I also write letters from Santa for the GROWNUPS (funny, kind, or thankful); if ever there was a year for a letter from Santa for the grownups, 2020 is it! 🎅😷🎄

Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers – Luxe Foliage

I run a teeny tiny online plant related business as a side gig and decided to over my very junior level graphic design skills to my fellow planty small businesses by offering to build a little online catalogue to promote us who usually don’t get seen.

Customised gifts – Jaccob McKay

A custom product for the biggest order of my life… 1300 of these cheese knife and board sets for corporate gift boxes 😱

You can see my woodworking / craft at  if you need Christmas gifts.

Halloween baking – Nisa Noo

My Halloween and other orders for the past week. My other work is a partnership and we’re about to open an Artisan shop in Wentworth Falls, so I had to push cookie orders forward. I had 220 cookies to decorate in one day which is a lot.

Hallozween Magazine – Andrea Beattie

My partner and I have just released Australia’s first Halloween magazine, Hallozween! Due to COVID, we decided to produce the inaugural edition as a digital download, and we created the majority of the content ourselves. It’s 48 pages of Halloween-inspired recipes, cocktails, DIY craft projects, tips on how to celebrate Halloween at home this year and much more. It really was a labour of love and we learnt so much along the way about creating a digital magazine! You can check it out here:  — if you’d like to support us, you could share news about the magazine or even download it yourself and have a squiz! We’d love any feedback too. 🎃 😍

Capturing the moment

Whether collecting the wisdom of the generation or questioning whether there is any wisdom to be found, these freelance side hustles are capturing the moment in many different forms.

Sweet16 Photobook – Yve Lavine

I’ve been pulling together my photo book Sweet16: what advice would you give your 16-year-old self? Women over 60 telling their story’s. It’s a body of work from an exhibition of the same name for HeadOn some years back. Thanks to COVID-19 time to get it together. Hope to have 1st run ready before Christmas and a launch on valentine’s day next year.

Commander in Grief and political trolling – Adrian Elton

I just made my mama proud. I think. Unless she’s a Trump voter… Irrespective – pretty stoked that AdNews just published this little ‘retrospective’ of my last four years of needling The Commander in Grief!

Amidst all of the fanciful cries of electoral fraud, I drew a connection between Trump being the 45th US president, and forty-five sounding remarkably similar to ‘fraudy five’. Building on that thought, I figured he needed to be celebrated in this fashion with a laundered, counterfeit, commemorative bank note.

Smiling donald trump on a fake forty five dollar note labelled fraudy five.

Here’s a little political cartoon I hand sketched and then digitally inked up in ProCreate. I was just reflecting on Trump’s repeated refusal to commit to a peaceful transition if he loses next week’s US election.


Location-based freelance side hustles

We love a little bit of that local action in the Freelance Jungle. And that’s why we’re celebrating the freelance side hustles found in your town now.

Melbourne for kids – Renata Fortes Richardson

I have been running a community and page supporting the child friendly businesses in Melbourne to keep active during lockdown and now trying to get going all free of charge. They join my group share their services and I publish on the page.

Melbourne for Kids – Your Online Activity Guide . I’d love if this is for you to join the group or help spreading the love. A like to the page would be an awesome help!

Peninsula Writer’s Group activation – Andrea Rowe

I made a local shire COVID friendly street activation happen for my writing group.

Perth Hills Artisan Markets  – Fleur Adams

Still absorbing the monumental success of Perth Hills Artisan Markets on Sunday with 126 vendors and over 3000 people attending to buy from the gorgeous PHAMILY

Melbourne co-studio: coworking for hairdressers – Jinny Coyle

While working in hairdressing salons for a few years after she qualified my daughter hatched a plan. She wanted to create a co-working salon for hairdressers. She signed the lease on an amazing space on July 1, just before the lockdown in Melbourne. Since then, we have worked to get the space ready to open the minute the restrictions on hairdressing were lifted. The labour was by my hubby, branding by me, personality by Ellen. Website is a work in progress, but the salon opened on Tuesday. So proud of my girl.

Bringing everyone together with a common goal

Let’s see an end to the shy wallflowers via sport and making friends over beer with these two cool freelance side hustles.

Street Roller Hockey Club- Hayley Dinnison

Hi! So, in my spare time I started a street roller hockey club for women, trans and Enby peeps. It started as six of us in a vacant tennis court and over two and a half years I’ve built it into a legitimate league.

I’ve worked super-hard to keep people with a thirst for competition out. Maintaining focus on this club being for beginners and people who do not usually feel comfortable playing team sports.

This season, due to COVID, instead of playing a legit season, I wrote a book of 350 challenges and sent ten teams on their merry way. The end result has been MENTAL.

This club takes up more of my time than my actual job, which is freelance animating/video production.

But I’m so proud of what I’ve built.

Here it is in Instagram form in all it’s scrappy, femme glory.

Beer reviews – Benedict Kennedy-Cox

This month I released the final episode in my first ever travel beer series made entirely by me and my partner. I had never done something like that ever in my life and it felt amazing to see a project through to the end. If you like craft beer I hope you like the show or if you know someone who likes craft beer, they should enjoy it too!

My goals are to get sponsored for the new series I am editing now, drink beer and make people laugh.

Client-based offerings

Knowing your target market and giving them what they want is a big part of a successful self-employment journey as these next few freelance side hustles show.

Virtual music lessons – Helen Perris

I started a new weekly video project. Initially posted on Instagram, my weekly practice tips videos were designed to help reluctant practisers get motivated and get it done but evolved to include tips for more efficient and effective practice. I’ve been retooling them for YouTube, and they are being added to this practice tips playlist.

Discreet clean – Annetta Mallon

I offer many end-of-life services in addition to online training. I work with Jessica Harkins for graphic design, and one of my favourite services now has its own promo which makes me very happy. (In case you were wondering, this is the discreet cleaning service that ensures no BDSM equipment, sex toys, apparel, or equipment need be found by people who don’t share your lifestyle pleasures.) The personal boundaries we hold in life can be respected during our end of life and after our death.

End of life discreet clean services are about cleaning out the things you may not want others to see after you die. Shown with skull in roses and candles

Plain English Dictionary – Sandra Muller

A large part of my work is creating smart, accessible content. To help with this work, I created a searchable plain English dictionary. You can search for a complex work and see the plain English alternative. It also an A-Z option so you can browse alphabetically.

If you search for a term that’s not in the dictionary, it records it in the back end, and I can add it and its plain English alternative. The dictionary has just over 600 terms in it now and will continue to grow.

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