We had a few hiccups on the road to social media video success with Clementine, but we’re glad you stuck with us because this presentation is fantastic.

With so many social media platforms clambering to get onto the video train, it can get a little overwhelming for us mere freelancers.

Never fear, Clementine Holman is here!

Clementine is a whizz with the video and making it as friendly to you as it is to your intended audience.

In this special Crowdcast Q and A on social media video, Clementine talked about:

  • Why using video as part of your social media strategy is a great idea
  • How to create content that stands out from the crowd
  • Myths and misconceptions about social media video
  • How to ease yourself into the video pool and gain your confidence


Clem’s hot social media video picks

During the presentation, Clementine shared some of her favourite tools.

They include:

  1. The magic app that helps with content redistribution repurpose.io
  2. Quick how-to video software Loom
  3. Online video creator Lumen5

She also prepared and shared a Video Q + A to help you see what and where you could use your content.


a women with short hair smiles at the camera

Clementine is a social media consultant and coach, helping businesses sustainably grow their communities and turn their social media into a working hive. Clem left the corporate space in favour of helping people-centred businesses who struggled to find their footing on social media. She’s grown a highly engaged community on TikTok and LinkedIn by showing a realistic and sustainable approach to content creation and social media management. Outside of work you’ll most likely find Clem roaming around her bush property trying (and potentially failing) to grow some bush tucker, or seeking out the newest local culinary delight Sydney has to offer.

You can catch up with Clementine via her website https://www.honeybeesocial.com.au/




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