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Ensuring your intellectual property is managed and registered correctly can make or break your freelance game. Especially if you are launching products, want to ensure you don’t infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property and looking to commercialise your own inventions and ideas. That’s where Jarrod Ward can help.

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How Jarrod can help you navigate intellectual property via coaching

Most people don’t understand intellectual property, what it is, how it may be used, and how they can use it to benefit them and their clients. This is where I can provide guidance and assistance to educate and demystify intellectual property.

Here are some of the ways an intellectual property coaching session with Jarrod can help you clarify


  • Commercial strategy and/or intellectual property
  • Intellectual property in contracts and licensing
  • Management of intellectual property
  • Identification of intellectual property
  • Searching to identify competitors intellectual property


I help people take their intellectual property and put it to work. I do this by operating under four main areas with respect to intellectual property – capture, management, strategy, and commercialisation.

 About Jarrod’s company

We help companies take their ideas and put them to work. We help devise commercial strategy for company intellectual property (IP).

Many companies and individuals create an IP portfolio through the filing of patents, designs, and trade marks and the creation of copyright works.

Problems with budgeting, adhering to dates, reminders, responding to prosecution demands, and other external factors quickly move IP management into the “too hard” or “it takes too much time” category.

Typically, such companies/individuals cannot justify employing a full time IP manager. Normally the job of IP management is assigned to someone who does not have the time or perhaps the knowledge to really look after the IP portfolio.

In such situations, IP takes a back seat to what the company is doing and may not get used to its best effect, or may not get used at all.

This is where we come in.

Proper IP management is but one vital step in putting your IP to work. It is also essential to make sure that your IP is aligned with your business goals, your IP takes your competitors’ products into consideration, and is competitively placed to help futureproof your business.

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