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Got a great film-based idea but not sure how to go about it? You need animation & video coaching.  If you have a hard time articulating your film and animation vision, want to successfully manage your film projects to completion or need tips on how to DIY film & animation, check out Hayley.


What kind of freelance coaching is Hayley offering?


  • Animation concept development and planning
  • Managing a video production
  • Resources for video/animation production
  • Beginner/DIY animated content
  • Setting up for DIY video production

Choose Hayley for your animation & video coaching needs.

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Based in Cairns, I’m a freelance motion designer, animator and editor and I run Curl Co. Productions.

I have been working in video production since 2009 as a one-man band video producer and often use this wide-ranging experience to production manage and direct on projects as well as the post-production side of things.

I usually work with medium-to-large companies, organisations and agencies to produce works for marketing and advertising, research and communications purposes.

 About Curl Co. Productions

I have been working in video production since 2009 and am experienced in all aspects of what goes into making a killer video.

I have worked on shoestring budgets and well-monied commercials, and know where time, energy and money is best spent in order to get the most out of your video/animation project.


Since specialising in post-production and animation, I have found production management is often cited by clients as one of the key reasons they recommend and return for future projects.

What I can offer freelancers is a well-rounded background in video production to provide guidance, advice and recommendations on how to approach a new video or video strategy, how to set yourself up for DIY video content (cross-platform software advice, equipment recommendations, idea generation and other aspects often overlooked), how a budget should be spent to get the most of your video, and concept development for your next project.

Where to find me:

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