Learning how to freelance better is a big part of being a freelancer. It comes as no surprise that after accruing the knowledge, many freelancers begin to teach. We’ve got a great array of different classes designed to help you lift you’re your freelance game at the Freelance Jungle via our Patreon.

We also attract a lot of attention from super savvy freelancers who love putting out their offerings and making it easier for the newer ones to progress.

Here’s some of the ways you can be learning how to freelance better with the help of the Freelance Jungle community

Upping your marketing and business game  

Learning how to freelance better means getting on top of the marketing and fundamentals. Here are some examples of how you can do just that.

Using LinkedIn – Sue Ellson

I am just finishing off my fifth book, ‘LinkedIn for me and my career or business.‘ This is a revised version of my first book, ‘120 Ways to Achieve Your Purpose with LinkedIn’ that I am trying to make more accessible for people who don’t necessarily understand the online world, algorithms, keywords etc. I welcome any last-minute suggestions as to what you would like to know about LinkedIn (feel free to ask me questions at any time).

The art of pricing design – Jasmine Holmes

I FINALLY pressed publish on this three-part Blog series on the creative designer and the art of pricing I wrote to my website.

How to start a business – Dorothy Krajewski

I created this short online course for people who want to start their own business but feel overwhelmed by the process, like I did when I first started thinking about being self-employed. It took me a good 5 years to finally have my own business because I didn’t know what I was doing. This course has all the information in one place with an activity in each lesson that will take the learner one step closer to their own business.

Learning how to freelance better with writing

With content marketing and effective SEO popular ways to get the word out, you can’t afford to ignore the power of written word. Here are some of the ways you can tie learning how to freelance better in with making words your weapons of choice.

Book editing 101- Zoe Hale

I wrote a blog article this week on how writers can revise/edit their own draft in preparation for a professional edit or for publication! As both a writer and editor, I’m hoping this will be super helpful for writers.

Writing your story masterclass – Rachel’s List

This is for anyone keen to dust off their non-fiction manuscript and self-publish it! Author and writer Anna Featherstone is presenting and it’s going to be a rather comprehensive hour of getting that book of yours to market.

Self-publishing community – Sheree Chambers

I’ve made a Facebook group for authors, writers, and specifically those wanting to learn more about the world of self-publishing. The aim is for it to become both a support community and an educational resource. If any freelancers want to join or spread the word, I’d appreciate it a lot. Self-Publishing made easy

Blog Swap- Melissa Gerke

A lovely friend and I exchanged guest posts and promoted them this week. I’m a copywriter and Bianca is a Mailchimp pro, so business wise it was an ideal collaboration. We both thought it was a success and recommend doing it. https://bthriven.com/what-is-seo-and-why-is-it-important/

Here is the one Bianca wrote for me https://melissagerke.com/2020/10/08/how-can-my-business-benefit-from-email-marketing/

Tackling the tricky subjects

Whether you’re learning to freelance better through upskilling in the client arena, you’re challenging your self-talk or you’re using your skills with communication to raise awareness to important causes, our freelancers have got you covered.

Conquer Your Fear of Conflict – Rebecca Bec Carroll-Bell

Today I am wearing my Everyday Mediator hat to revisit and refresh an online course first released a few years ago.

Conquer Your Fear of Conflict is a 2-part program that will show you how to overcome your fear and replace it with confidence and proven strategy.

In Part 1 of the course, you will learn practical strategies for responding to conflict and managing confrontation without losing your cool.

Part 2 focuses on what goes on in your body when facing conflict. We will look at the physiological and neurological responses to conflict, what they mean and how you can tame – and even harness – that energy to focus on creating the right outcome for you.

If this feels like just the thing for you, click the enrol button and let’s get started.


Money blocks – Lisa-Maree Botticelli

I’ve been researching, learning and improving my knowledge on making money, especially, understanding money blocks and beliefs around making it, and charging the right amount. I’ve seen so many artists and creative struggling with charging what they are worth, so, with all my research and lived experience I put together this course, The Alchemy of Money, which I will be launching soon. It includes weekly mindset masterminds and contains over 30 meditations to clear money blocks, 10 workbooks to rewrite your money story and looks at your family’s beliefs, so that you can step into abundant living with ease and grace. Would love to hear what freelancers think. Is this appealing? Something you’d find value in doing? https://www.landingi.purecreativitycoaching.com/moneyalchemy

Ante-natal anxiety advocacy – Lou Merrington

I contributed to an ABC story on antenatal anxiety.



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