Anna Featherstone has transformed her experience with journalistic writing and her knowledge of self-publishing into a cracking title to help any freelancers out there (or anyone really) who has a burning idea for a non-fiction book have it see the light of day. And she’s coming to share her wisdom, experience and advice in a special Q and A with the Freelance Jungle.

In this video session, Anna will look at how to self-publish your non-fiction book in relation to:

  • Myths and misconceptions about self-publishing
  • The logistics of self-publishing in Australia
  • How to brave the writing and self-promotion process
  • The advantages of self-publishing in the non-fiction space
  • The problems and pitfalls you may encounter
  • The opportunities you can leverage in the Australian market

How to self-publish your non-fiction book with Anna Featherstone

You can catch the playback recording here:



Anna Featherstone helps other writers plan, complete, publish and market their books. Passionate about non-fiction, she has authored five books including the Australian Society of Authors’ recommended reading title Look–It’s Your Book! Write, Publish & Promote Your Non-Fiction Book: A Self-Publishing Guide for Australian Writers.
Anna’s words have appeared in The Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald, she is the Australian Ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and founder of Bold Authors, an online hub empowering traditionally-published and indie authors through the sharing of knowledge and nous. When she’s not reading, writing and presenting, Anna loves chatting about bees, business and the big issues of our time.


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