Looking for a freelancer review of the deals and discounts out there? You can’t go past freelance endorsements. Consider this your April list of deals, discounts and other ways to make your self-employment dollar go further.

Here’s a freelancer review of all the fun stuff you can access on the cheap (or for free) in April via the Freelance Jungle  

Start your learning engines

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TAFE NSW have just announced a selection of fee-free courses on business, writing, pharmacy and more. Not in NSW? Check your TAFE as there are likely some form of course available.

The Adobe 99U Conference 2020

One of the highlights of our year is connecting with the creative community at the annual Adobe 99U Conference. In light of our current public health situation, we have decided to transform this year’s Adobe 99U from an in-person event to a free, digital experience.

Back to film school

If you want to get fancy and filmy, try this. MASTERCLASSES from Sundance.

Shine your freelance marketing

You can also try learning everything online marketing and social media related with HubSpot.

Go to Harvard

Harvard offer free online courses. If you are looking to do some strategic learning to help business or simply learn something new, you may want to have a scroll through.

Doing it for the kids

Freelance Jungle member Lotti Kershaw said, “I created this for a community project I am working on, I’m very happy to share with the parents in the group who will be home-schooling after Easter, lots of links to learning resources and things you can do with your kids. www.learningmentor.com.au

Mental health and suicide prevention skills

2020 Suicide Prevention Summit is a free online conference for mental health professionals, co-hosted by Mental Health Academy & Lifeline Australia. To learn more and register, visit: https://www.mentalhealthacademy.com.au/suicideprevention

Get the right tools

Software a-plenty

How’s this monster of a list of software someone has created called we’re all in this together. It lists free access periods, trials and discounts across a wide range of programs.

Canva for you

Canva Pro is only US$13 for three months on Stack Social.

Motion design specific

A freelancer review from Hayley Rollason-Jones on what to get with motion design doesn’t come any better than this hearty collection of discounts and deals for those in animation, 3D modelling, motion design, graphic design, UI, game dev etc from the School of Motion blog.

Present yourself

WeTransfer is giving new teams free access to its Paste Pro, a presentation-making tool, for three months.

Stock up on photos

AppSumo has a deal with Deposit Photos with 100 stock photo credits for US$39.


If you are a client of Buffer social media scheduling, they are running a hardship program to assist you. They’d like to help you stay as a customer by reducing and delaying bills as well as offering tangible support. Check out Buffer’s Covid-19 response program and register your interest.


MEAA is waiving fees for TWO MONTHS for NEW members IN ALL SECTIONS as well as current members. Call 1300 656 513 to join as that is easiest way to do so. Board will consider extending as we crunch numbers and the situation unfolds. Student members are $55 per year and Level 1 is $190 per year/$16ish per month.

Save on utilities

Phone it in

Check if your telco has a convid-19 deal or offer. A number are extending data limits and helping out with increasing plans as well as offering hardship deferments and assistance.

Get energised

Both the ACT and QLD have specific government rebates available for your energy bills, so check out what your provider has on offer if you are in these states. Also stay close to the main energy website for updates on other states and territories.

And you can save money on your energy bills with these tips from Money Magazine.

Stay entertained

What would a freelancer review of anything be without a mention of some great entertainment?

Check out the music of Billy Martin’s Quarantine list.

Support your fellow freelancers and pay what you can afford for online trivia on Wednesday and Saturday nights with Monobrow Comedy of Wollongong.

Ozbargain have created a self-isolation bargains list that’s very detailed and it includes gaming, streaming and even food deals.

Reading up a storm

If you are on Audible and need to take a break, they’re offering a 90 day pause of your membership.

Like magazines?

Amanda Watson shared this: Offered as a PSA for those who are bored and/or isolated and might feel the need to flick through some online magazines from all over the world.

I just found this website which has a great selection of unlimited digital magazine subscriptions including a lot of Aussie popular magazines so I went ferreting for a discount coupon and found this URL for 50% of an annual unlimited gold subscription. Can be shared with 4 family members too. Seriously good value for USD$50 (AUD$78.74) a year so thought it was worth a share (and it is tax deductible).

5000+ titles with LOADS of tech, art & design magazines – some quite obscure titles I have never heard of – and if your kids are going crazy and you need to distract them so you can work at home – lots of kids and young adult mags (not sure about parental controls) and a LOT of geo specific international titles from random places all over the world.

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Stay healthy

If you are in Sydney, you can pay what you can afford at the OzHarvest supermarket in Kensington.

Making food stay fresher longer is easier.

Known for both her copywriting and her cooking, Copybreak’s Anna Butler gave a freelancer review of some food storage tips-
“Here’s a quick overview of how to freeze fruit and veg, and “vacuum seal” into zip lock bags if you don’t have a fancy machine to do that for you. I must admit, I spent the weekend sorting freezer space and creating a couple of lists categorising and alphabetising the contents to make it super-easy to know what I have in each freezer. Also added space to update with new items”.

 You can stay fit with 60 days free membership with Les Mills on Demand training.

Creating in the name of COVID-19

After a rave freelancer review of her last set, Mariela Rojas-Diaz is at it again with her communicating covid-19 posters.

A message from Mariella – “Hungry for some colour in your eyeballs? Come get some! Free A4 educational posters. If you have any specific one, you are after let me know and I’ll have a go at creating it.”

There you have it- a freelancer review of deals, discounts and more in April. Want to contribute? Join the Freelance Jungle and we’ll see you for Thrifty Tuesday.



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