Catch the action replay of the freelance LinkedIn Lessons session with Karen Hollenbach

Want to sharpen your LinkedIn skills?

You’re in luck as Karen Hollenbach is joining the Freelance Jungle to talk about LinkedIn!

In this special session, you’ll learn:

  • What to include in your profile
  • Specific features for freelancers
  • How to build your influence on LinkedIn
  • New features to consider
  • Your answers to your LinkedIn questions

Your freelance LinkedIn lessons guest speaker-

Karen Hollenbach is one of Australia’s leading Independent LinkedIn Specialist Trainers and the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. With over 12 years LinkedIn training, strategy and LinkedIn profile writing experience in Australia, Karen has helped 1000s of professionals and 100s of organisations.

Karen offers a unique perspective for quieter and more thoughtful folk who are tentative about LinkedIn and want to learn how to embrace it better as a tool for their career and business.

Karen’s worked closely with organisations in management consulting, legal, finance, recruitment, education, healthcare and technology sectors. She also partners regularly with industry peak bodies, professional associations and local councils and has co-facilitated the LinkedIn workshop for Monash Business School since 2020, trained the RMIT University careers team and delivered tailored LinkedIn training for University of Melbourne, Grattan Institute and State Library Victoria.


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