Freelance learning opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them, we create ourselves. Then we spend time and energy sharing them with other freelancers and our clients.

It’s always kind of bothered me that we have such cool opportunities, but they are always promoted in isolation. So, I decided to experiment with what happens if we group them all together.

Here are some freelance learning opportunities of all shapes and sizes brought to you by Freelance Jungle members

Freelance Learning opportunities that involve attending class

Time to sharpen those skills and get your nerd on with a variety of freelance learning opportunities in a class setting.

The Art of Creative Strategy with Tracey Lloyd

I’ve launched my strategic planning and business management consultancy, The Art of Creative Strategy yesterday.

Running a free webinar on strategic planning for small business on 20 July. Tickets available from Eventbrite.

Virtual Advantage seminar with Ingrid Bayer

We have an awesome FREE webinar coming up on 22/7 at midday (AEST) which is designed to help you understand how to find your own Superstar VA, onboard them and work with them in a way that supports you both. Anyone who registers will also receive a copy of the recording.

Mini masterclasses with Rach Murphy

We are running an ongoing series of mini masterclasses at Rachel’s List. Check them out for the action replays. You can client management, editing, content marketing and money-making.

‘How to keep working when you’re dying on the inside’ by Rebekah Lambert

“How to keep working when you’re dying on the inside” is here.

Originally s a book, then a toolkit to help with burn out and recovery, ‘how to keep working when you’re dying on the inside’ (or DOI as it is otherwise known) has morphed quite a lot. Now that COVID-19 has happened and the world is so uncertain, I figured I could make it into a course with coaching elements to help any of us under a tonne of stress, dealing with an existential crisis and more.

The course is just opening. It’s a mix of classes, individual coaching and group sessions on productivity, stress reduction, better freelancing etc.

Sign up via the $20 USD (plus GST) Freelance Jungle Patreon level to gain access.

Updating your knowledge

You have to stay abreast with freelance learning opportunities to keep your skills sharp and your clients happy. Here are two such situations involving how competitions are run in New South Wales, and mediation.

Changes to competition law with Suki van Koeverden

It’s been 4 years in the making… but NSW have FINALLY updated their laws around competitions to make it easier for small businesses to promote themselves. Previously when running a competition, a business had to apply for an $80 licence even if they were giving away a prize worth $10.

I’ve been involved with this legislation change since the public consult first opened in 2016, so to say I’m stoked to see this pass is an understatement… I’m pee-your-pants excited to see this pass.

I wrote a very excited blog to explain what the changes mean for competitions.

Mediation with Rebecca Carroll Bell

I have added my popular Ready to Mediate guide to the FREEBIES section on the website.

Download your essential guide to preparing for and attending mediation – or any difficult conversation – no sign up required.

Different business ideas

We’re always on the hunt for freelance learning opportunities. Even if that means marrying formal study to lived experience. Or finding something completely different to our standard freelance offerings.

Birthwrite with Michelle Daga

I am offering pregnancy journaling and birth story writing workshops, alongside Hypnobirthing classes and preconception, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, and holistic health care.

I’ve just created my first online workshop event page for Facebook (because this busy mama hasn’t finished her new website yet) and I’m super excited to be supporting expecting parents in this time of uncertainty, to achieve a positive and empowered pregnancy and birth.

by Jessika Hindmarch

I’ve taken the leap and started my new digital art business. Images to be printed and hung in the babies/children’s room, flash cards, clothing etc

Hip Hooray Mail with Bec Mackay

I have been plugging away on a side hustle that I am hoping will become my main hustle. It is has been a labour of love, but man I love it. I had such a creative day the other day with a friend of a friend who is a product photographer. She took time out of her own schedule to teach me a little bit about product photography and man it has made a difference to my brand already! I am hoping that I can convince her to do a hands-on workshop with me for other small businesses that want to learn (but that’s another project). Here’s some pics from my recent learning shoot with her and one I have done since then on my own! It is so satisfying.

Bec Mackay’s sassy party boxes

Client work

Even our client work is a constant reminder to challenge ourselves and look for the freelance learning opportunities within each project. Check some of these out.

Voice over with Dani Bellamy

Here’s an ad I voiced (can’t take credit for the pretty pics etc)

I like that it’s a positive, look-ahead message for an industry especially smacked down of late.

Bloom Creative Business Solutions

I created an awesome website for a client and handed over  and have one really cool one underway that has my creativeness in flow! Can’t wait for it to launch!

I have also planned where my business is going within the next year! Webinars, Workshops and Business Mentoring to the masses! Online courses and Classes and I can’t wait!! So, the planning is in process now!! So exciting.  &  will have all my new business plans including some free courses!

Cover of the book be your own man Be your own man with Simone Redman-Jones

I didn’t actually make it, but I’m doing the PR for this awesome little book called BE YOUR OWN MAN, written by Jessica Sanders and illustrated by Robbie Cathro. It’s aimed at boys 6-12 years and as Jess the author says “Boys have inherited an outdated story around what it means to be male, Be Your Own Man gives them permission to rewrite that story and embrace a new masculine identity that feels right for them”.

Most of us know that our current definition of what it means to be male is hurting boys and men. This book invites young boys to broaden their ideas about what it means to be a boy, supporting them to feel free and proud to be who they truly are. And that can only be a good thing!

If you have a young boy in your life, I cannot recommend Be Your Own Man enough. It will be available in stores (independent and chain) and online from September 1, so keep an eye out.

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