Freelance grant writing has become an especially popular topic in 2020. Through using it as a viable way to access local and state government rapid response funding through to major grants of all shapes and kinds, grants have helped keep freelancers afloat.

It is lucky then that freelance grant writing specialist Martina Donkers joined us on the Crowdcast for a special event on writing grants. 

If you are not familiar with Martina’s work, she is one of the most sought after professionals in the Freelance Jungle when it comes to freelance grant writing, tenders and weighty funding documents.

Meet Martina Donkers

Freelance grant writer Martina Donkers is a tall woman with long blonde, wavy hair, glasses and a friendly, open smile. She is looking away off camera

Martina is a consultant, evaluator and grant writer specialising in non-profit and for-purpose businesses. She’s worked on all sorts of things from consumer affairs to perinatal mental health to importing kitty litter into Japan (yeah, that project was weird!). Martina has helped clients secure over $12 million in grants and tenders, and worked on a range of other submissions, programs and evaluations. You’ll usually find Martina digital nomad-ing her way around the world, but right now she’s home in the Snowy Mountains, NSW. She’s not looking forward to winter, but at least her cat can keep her company.

Some of the tips we gained from Martina’s wealth of expertise include:

  • Working out which freelance grants are the most appropriate ones to go for
  • How to write a grant that meets the requirements without underselling or overselling your capabilities and intentions
  • Ways to make reading and understanding your grant easy on the assessor (and therefore more likely to be a successful application)
  • Why repetition, keywords and paying attention to the guidelines can make all the difference
  • What other supporting elements you may need to ensure your freelance grant writing endeavours are successful
  • Where to find grants, tenders and other forms of funding
  • Common mistakes and missteps applicants make during the grant writing process

You can catch the action replay of that grant writing event with Martina Donkers here:

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