The Freelance Jungle was lucky enough to explore financial strategies with Holly Shoebridge from Oceans Accounting and Advisory. In this one hour seminar recorded in front of a Freelance Jungle audience on Zoom, Holly answered questions like:

  • With inflation on the rise, and being a prevalent topic in recent months/year or so, have you got any protective measures we can implement?
  • Stage 3 tax cuts have been a big talking point of late – what can we expect on that front?
  • What are the changes that have occurred on the instant asset write off?
  • Budgeting for income tax and cash flow management – this can often be a pain point for many – what are some tips and recommendations you can offer here?
  • Any educated guesses on the May 2024 budget?

Original agenda

Protection Against Inflation – Strategies to safeguard your income in the face of inflation.
Stage Three Tax Cuts Understanding the impact and implications for freelancers.
Changes to Write Offs – Brief overview of changes to the write offs to keep in mind.
Budgeting for Tax – Effective budgeting strategies for tax planning.
Cashflow Management – Tips for managing cash flow for freelance sustainability.
Speculations on May Budget – Educated guesses on the Australian government’s May budget.

Important Information:

This session complements, but does not replace, personalised advice from your accountant or from the ATO.
The session was recorded by the Freelance Jungle via the generosity of Freelance Jungle Patreon supporters. 


Holly is the director of Oceans Accounting & Advisory, is a certified public practitioner of CPA Australia, an ASIC agent, a registered BAS agent, a registered tax agent, Xero partner & Quickbooks advisor. Holly has over 19 years experience providing accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services to large corporate and not for profit clients, both domestic and international, within the music industry, and in recent years, advising SMEs across a wide variety of industries including creative, music and media, recruitment, medical, agricultural, finance and construction.
However, Holly is not your typical accountant.
She’s also a qualified counsellor, a meditation and breathwork teacher, a holistic health coach and a quirky creative, previously with an associated photography and photographic art business. Holly had reached a point where she had considered throwing in the towel on her accounting studies and career. But then thought, why not combine her interests and professional experience to help others? This is how Oceans Accounting & Advisory came to be.



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