Freelance fiction writers are a wonderful and wild bunch. They use their superpowers to tell the stories others won’t. They explore magical worlds. And they give us a fantastic escape from reality in the off time.

Today, we look at some of the releases in October and November 2020 from our favourite freelance fiction writers in the Freelance Jungle

Freelance fiction writers with book releases

Take a walk through the freelance fiction writers who have made releases in online bookshops.

Princess Bonnie of Breifne – Frances O-Neill

This year my non-verbal autistic daughter nearly died. I was trying to work from home when she had an accident, and it was a huge wake up call. I had to quit and focus on her. She was of course traumatised by it and then we went into hard lockdown here in Melbourne.

She can’t go back to school right now and I won’t force her, but we need to survive. To stay sane during the toughest lockdown in the country I wrote this children’s book for 3 – 7 years and illustrated it also! I am currently publicising it everywhere but need community support.

The arts have always helped me with my anxiety and confusion. It would be good for any child to read. It will help with understanding some stress triggers and behaviours that my daughter and I experience and really could apply to anyone with anxiety.

It is my hope to encourage children in their creativity and to enjoy creative writing and being. I would love to see an influx of autistic writers in years to come. Who knows if it goes off, I might get to start our very own publishing company for our voices to be heard. DREAM BIG.

The book is available on AMAZON as eBook. “Princess Bonnie of Breifne“.

Book bundle- Grace Bridges

I’ve put my book bundle up for pre-order.

With a brand-new cover by lovely local designer Jenn Rackham. Branding is everything for books, and I think she’s nailed it!

Where the geysers have magical secrets, and so do the locals…

Suitable for teens and up, and any precocious earlier novel readers too.

This book bundle includes the first three novels in my NZ fantasy adventure series and a bonus short story.

Light at the Edge of the World – Lou Merrington

My newest book, The Light at the Edge of the World and Other Stories, is now available for pre-order and releases on 9 Oct. This is the Amazon link but it’s available from all online stores. At the moment it’s just eBook but the paperback will be out in a couple of weeks.

Freelance writers with news

It’s not all about the new releases. Some of our freelance fiction writers are kicking goals of another kind.

Jetty Jumping – Andrea Rowe

I made a children’s picture book. Jetty Jumping will be released Jan 1 with Little Hare. It’s making me grin big time! And it’s a love letter to summers on jetties. 

Andrea Rowe holds up her book Jetty Jumping. She is a blonde woman with dark framed glasses smiling at the camera in front of a Melbourne poster

Don’t block him yet – Ki Wolf

I got a new five-star review for a book I released recently 🙂 its satirical comedy called Don’t block him yet. 


Challenging yourself to some writing time

Sometimes, a revamp is as good as a writing section. Or it can kickstart a little creative work, as our next entry from our freelance fiction writers shows.

It was the first time I killed a man – Craig Mack

I’ve been migrating content that I want to keep from old my blog to my new website, and as a result revisiting some of my creative writing, inspired by the book 642 things to write about.

still not sure where the Holden Caulfield inspired character came from to write the story that had to start with the line “It was the first time I killed a man…” but it is still one of my favourites. Doing this has also made me want to pick up the book and do some more creative writing. What do you think?

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