Craig Mack joined us in June for a fantastic Crowdcast on resilience under pressure. You can check out the action replay via the Freelance Jungle!

There’s no denying freelancing itself is tough. Freelancing under coronavirus has added an extra level of stress and complexity. From additional strain placed on families through to job losses, financial implosions, fears about health, soaking in often ableist and ageist messaging, increased anxiety, additional poor client behaviours, overwork, and more, we’ve seen it play out in the short weeks and months of 2020. On the back of devastating bushfires over spring and summer, is it any wonder many of us are running on fumes?

As an integral part of the Freelance Jungle, Craig Mack has shared his talents for community management and social media with many a freelancer. He’s also a tireless ambassador for RU OK?

Craig Mack is leaning on a railing. He is a smiling guy with shaved head wearing a yellow R U OK tee shirt.

It is with great pleasure we bring you ‘How to find resilience with Craig Mack’.

Craig shares his own experiences of living with depression, and with suicide, to encourage positive and open discussion on the sensitive topic of mental health. Whether experiencing depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness or isolation, facing the challenging curveballs of life or thoughts that no one deserves – everyone goes through hell sometimes and needs help from a friend. We don’t always recognise it, know what to do, where to find help, or even how to talk to each other though. Breaking down the stigma, fear, shame and mystery that surrounds mental health, and helping people feel more informed, confident and able to support friends and family when needed, and feel more comfortable asking for help themselves, is why Craig has been an active and passionate R U OK? Community Ambassador since 2017.

  • Hear Craig’s story on being a freelancer, the struggles he has faced and the tools/tips he has discovered to keep himself motivated and mentally healthy
  • Learn the signs to notice when someone might be struggling and how you can notice those signs while connecting remotely
  • Learn how to have a meaningful R U OK? Conversation, to check in with someone and get them the support they need

Catch the action replay of our talk with Craig via our Crowdcast channel: (recorded: Thu, Jun 4, 2020 2:00 PM AEST)

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