Freelance client work is what pays the bills and keeps the motor humming. Freelance learning projects are what we do in our spare time to challenge our skills and keep the fires burning. So, it’s fitting that they site side by side in this recap of shared projects from October and November. Oh, and you can also catch up with all kinds of other projects that were submitted <INSERT>

Here’s the freelance client work and learning projects wrap up for October and November 2020

Freelance client work

What we do for a living comes in many, many different forms. As you’re about to see, when it comes to freelance client work, some of our freelancers are literally putting their butt on the line to help their clients out.

Teaching nude – Louise Mayhew

I mustered up the courage to give a lecture on “the nude” in “the nude”!! Granted you can only see my shoulders, but it was still very thrilling.

The virtual lecture for Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art was titled: Why is everyone nude?

Website design – Gemma Waite

I launched a new website (I designed, someone else put it together). I’m traditionally an ad art director so this isn’t what I normally do.

The best part is, after launch, their share price rose drastically, it’s now over double what it was pre-launch!

Bupa health and wellbeing – Hayley Rollason-Jones

Been working with Bupa for a while doing little health and wellbeing pieces, I thought this one that we just finished was actually relevant and maybe helpful to freelancers.

Edible onion weed- Jaccob McKay

We designed and photographed this multi-page post about the edible Onion Weed. We’re hippies as well as designers so this was just a bit of fun, but it’s ended up reaching over 90,000 people organically from our little Facebook page. Goes back to always inspiring, educating or connecting with people and you get great, and sometimes unexpected, results.

Dan Murphy’s chatbot – Memphis Jones

I got to name, create the personality profile for, and work on the dialogue flows for the BRAND NEW Dan Murphy’s chatbot!

COVID Writing – Annetta Mallon

I contributed to the chapter on COVID, ageism and risk. Pre-orders now open if you like academic tomes: I am one of a team – headed by @PetaCook – who wrote a chapter in a new book on #COVID and #ageing, you can pre-order here: The COVID Crisis Social Perspectives.

Sales page – Sara Spasovski

Here’s the second sales page I’ve ever written (the first was good…I think…but this one is definitely better). Loved this project because it’s close to my heart. As a mum of 3 kids under 8, family harmony is like the holy grail I’m still seeking. Feedback very welcome.

And if you’re a parent crushed by chaos, check this program out.  

Writing up a wedding – Virginia Muzik

Yesterday, I wrote wedding invites for a client (who I’ve written blog and other content for prior). 3 versions of the invites, going to local and O/S guests. Client emailed me last night saying she, her fiancé and her daughter “all love it!”

Nailed it in the 1st draft! Not bad for a ‘re-marriage indifferent’ divorcee. In all honesty, I was touched she trusted me for the job, and that she’s so happy with it. Can’t wait to see my copy in the design now. Alas, no links to share.

Malmsbury Farmer’s market – Rayna Fahey

I’ve taken on managing our awesome local farmers market and I used it as an excuse to build another website 

I made this using Carrd and it took me about 4 hours. It is such a great platform for super simple websites, I love it!

Story Box Australia – Nat Rogers

I’m part of a story telling project with a big black box I just finished building twenty minutes ago. We start collecting stories in regional SA. You can see the one-minute stories on Instagram . Stories start going up tomorrow so come and follow our Instagram.  

Collecting freelance client work by treating our business as the client

Making great lead generation items is the aim of the freelance client work game. These freelancers have spent their time and energy stretching themselves to bring home the money, honey.

Brand Guide – Emma Lovell

I’m pretty chuffed as this week I finally got to launch my e-book onto my website!

It’s the Live & Love Your Brand Guide: An Introduction to personal branding.

It’s taken me a little while to get it up so extremely excited to share with my clients, my community and with all of you.

Head to my website and it will come up to download.

Celebrating Halloween – Mariela Diaz-Rojas

Free A4 poster celebrating the lead up to Halloween (some do, and some don’t). No hate, just fun.

So, I keep on making things for all kids, tall kids, skinny kids, even kids with chicken pox (Simpsons reference for you).

Videoing – Daniel K Cheung

I found the courage to record myself talking into a camera!

I got comfortable with getting uncomfortable knowing every mistake is being recorded.

This = starting a channel on demystifying SEO and making it accessible and actionable for any business owner or freelancer.

You can help by subscribing and letting other business owners know.

Learning by doing

The road to freelance client work is paved with some excellent learning and putting ourselves out there, as this next group shows.

Context Map – Tracey Lloyd

I did my first context map for product development. Thanks Bek for teaching me the concept and skills. The concept map is for a product I’m developing for freelancers, small business and smaller NGOs to make corporate management jargon understandable and accessible so that freelancers can showcase their skills and compete for tenders and government funding.

Tracey learned this during the deadline party seminar series via the Freelance Jungle Patreon

Web upskill project- Phill Tunstall

This was a project I worked on outside of my day job in the hope I can escape it and go freelance again.

Working on building my web dev skills. Badly documented and 900 lines of JavaScript code not shown, but it works (mostly). Currently running on my home webserver (no public link yet)

Posted on a site I do these side project on.

American Express Music Backers program – Jacqui Bonner

I made it into the American Express Music Backers program. I won a grant! While artists have certainly suffered with lack of work due to COVID, the backstage crews, marketers, publicists and behind the scenes staff and contractors have also struggled. It’s not a huge amount of $ but with JK2 rolling back it certainly helps.

Blushing, my nominator said, “Dubbed by her friends as the ‘Queen of Arts Marketing’, Jacqui’s enthusiasm and non-stop energy has seen her captivate audiences for her many artist clients”. More info here for any creatives out there.

Sail Away – Tim Hanslow

Someone posted a screenshot of a quick test they did in a game engine. And it looked just gorgeous. It was a boat next to an island. And it made me think… “I could do that”.

So, I spent a few hours on it the other night and started on a nice little relaxing game that lets you sail around from island to island.

Apple pencil experimentation – Julie Delaforce

This is the first ever thing I made in procreate with my Apple Pencil. It’s nothing special, it’s just some messing about and learning how stuff works. It can only get better from here!

A spotted artwork features orange wavy lines over the top and smooshes of colour

Flickr API – Ben Cousins

As an update to a previous I Made This comment, I’ve now added the ability to pull a random image from the Flickr API (from our group) – so now random images that have been submitted to our group on Flickr appear in the header of every page. A little bit of colour on each page.

Now to make it Ajax and hopefully have it pull before the page loads.

A screenshot of the Asperger's network by Ben Cousins

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