The Freelance Jungle began to end isolation inherent in freelancing. It brought people together to share experiences and ideas so that we didn’t all have to live the same client challenges repeatedly without drawing on collective wisdom. From that humble 166 responses in 2012 came networking events, education, an online community, an entire website, and a Patreon. We also expanded to include New Zealand. The Freelance Jungle repeated the research on the state of Australian freelancing in 2016 and 2019.

This time around, rather than measuring the state of Australian freelancing as a broad topic, we wanted to zero in on one of our greatest challenges – client management. With the help of accounting software, Rounded, we’re getting the time and space to quantify and qualify what makes great (and not so great) freelance and client relationships.

Why are we looking at freelance client management research?

In the Freelance Jungle, the most popular topics are client management related. We know that we have incredibly talented freelancers in our community across 120+ vocations. Our talented freelancers from all over Australia and New Zealand find career motivation from various sources, from being there for the kids to managing mental and physical health. This is a group of people that create their own jobs in towns where work is scarce – or as they travel through other countries. We have an enthusiasm for work that is displayed in continuous learning, always developing new ways to help each other and our clients, and in our ability to market and advocate for our peers.

Yet the missing piece of the puzzle is often why, when we have so many life experiences and backgrounds, do most freelancers struggle with client management?

The 2023 freelance client management research survey explores the various aspects of freelance client management to help understand why many sink while others swim. We aim to gather insights from freelance professionals across different industries, levels of experience, and geographic locations to better understand the challenges, strategies, and best practices involved in managing clients as a freelancer. It’s about strengthening our capabilities while also looking at what we need to do to make workplaces freelance-friendly and contractor-ready.

By participating in this survey, you will share your experiences and contribute to a better understanding of this important topic. That will help inform the content we produce for the Freelance Jungle, the events we run, and the courses and classes we offer. And it will form a part of the advocacy and education we do in helping the world outside freelancing understand what we want, what we need, and where our expectations lie. The aim is to identify the challenges we have to reduce them, basically. That includes using insights to help  improve freelance client management skills, identify sector-wide challenges we can advocate to change, and also identify freelancers who haven’t come across the challenges and learn from their customer service and project management styles.

The survey will cover a range of topics related to freelance client management, including client acquisition, communication, project management, payment, and client retention. Your responses can be anonymous if you like (simply don’t supply your email address at the end). Or you can give your email and go into the draw to win prizes like workshops, brand reviews and up to 12 months free Rounded subscriptions whether you’re a new or existing customer to their service.

The 2023 freelance client management research survey nitty gritty

The survey is open to all freelancers, regardless of whether you are familiar with the Freelance Jungle and/or are a member.

The dates: The survey is open from April 12th 2023 through until June 1st 2023.

If you answer the survey and supply your email address, you will receive notification of the report’s availability on the website by July 1st, 2023. Or you can check back on the Freelance Jungle blog if you do not wish to give your email address.

To begin the survey, please click the link now.


Or scan the QR Code a qr code to a client management survey for freelancers

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