Freelance art by pen and paper, freelance art that you can savour.

Freelance art of the digital kind. Freelance art that doesn’t rhyme.

That’s what we’re looking at here today.

Let’s check out the freelance art submitted as part of September’s I made this Thursday threads.

Tracey Lloyd and minkey art

As promised here’s my bestest colouring in 🤓 From the Freelance Jungle Patreon care package and with a little help from picsart and photoshop my minkey (my new Executive HR Manager) is ready for spring.

Freelance art was supplied during the care package drop from the Patreon. This has been turned into a coloureful monkey wearing set of headphones and their best freelance attire.

Auton sisters art

Morgaine Auton and I (Georgina) spent 9 hours together over the weekend painting this watercolour of Edinburgh for our mum’s birthday. Lucky I’m left-handed and she’s right-handed!

Kid’s creativity with Mariela Diaz-Rojas

I just draw fun activities for kids and have fun doing it. Free A4 high res version via the link.

This one is focused on anxiety in children. Helps to have conversations around emotions whilst getting creatively jiggy with it.

Connecting to culture through art with Mavra Ibrar

I have been practising my digital Illustration skills while experimenting with different art forms. My latest obsession is “The Truck Art” from my homeland Pakistan. I grew up looking at these giant trucks full of colours and fancy adornments blaring their horns on our roads all day. As a kid, I was terrified of these trucks but now I am super proud of this intricate art. So, this is my little attempt at promoting my beautiful culture and soon I’ll be offering #truckart inspired digital portraits.
Anyone interested, follow me on Instagram.

The art of love with Kelly Hackett

Drew this portrait of my wonderful hubby as a practice exercise. He’s wonderful.

Plant appreciation with Mayhem Chua

I started drawing since Covid-19 lockdown. I hadn’t really drawn anything since high school and I’ve finally almost gotten over the hang up of ‘I can’t draw’ by using drawing as a meditative tool. I’m also learning that my little drawings don’t have to be perfect in order for me to share them with people. I’m really enjoying drawing flowers and plants at the moment.

A treasure map of art with Kim Leach

I drew and wrote some stuff as a gift for my nephew. Writing is a far more natural skill than drawing for me, but that made the drawing more fun and I found it incredibly mindful/meditative.

Drawing with Sam Walker

I am doing an introduction to graphic design course. It involves drawing. I have always hated drawing and am not good at it, so this is way outside my comfort zone. This week I created this. Sharing simply because it was a fun exercise – the purpose was to choose an object and illustrate movement.
There is so much talent in my class and this is not equal to it. But I have been finding it surprisingly relaxing and enjoying being pushed creatively.

Digitally based freelance art

Tablet art with Amanda Veenhuis

I’ve been practicing drawing again and using procreate on my iPad to do it. It has been really relaxing and meditative.

Kid friendly videos with Davin Blumensteid 

This is the video I made for my little person to encourage her to have a wee when she needs to rather than just playing and playing aaaaand then there’s an accident!

Really all you can do is watch it and share it if you like. It’s one of many projects I put way too much time into, because it’s fun. The difference is I got to collab with my music producer mate on it.

Oh! actually, that’s how you can help. His name is Jesse Bear and he does amazing music and production for serious artists, and he’s been hit hard by the downturn because his events/gigs are gone, and even long-time clients are switching to canned production music. So if you can use his services please reach out and I’ll pass him on to you.

Swearing in with Suzie Eisfelder 

This video shows the Pterry Shillings I showed off two weeks. ago. This is my committee. We are the Terry Pratchett fan club of Victoria and I felt it vitally important to swear them in. I asked them to make it funny.

VR Gaming with Tim Hanslow

Someone on Reddit wanted to find a VR app where they could relax in the rain. There didn’t seem to be any options available so I started working on it.

Last night I launched the free beta:

Replica creation via 3d printing with Simon Lissaman 

I harnessed the power of photogrammetry, CAD & 3D printing, sewing and painting to turn a 50-year-old gorilla toy into a replica of a prototype of an unproduced He Man toy for my client. Because he likes bookends, I did two. I like to marry the digital realm with the physical. Lots planned to be added to meet what people are after. But for anyone with a VR headset it’s ready to jump on in and sit on the front porch and watch the rain.

Want to contribute your own freelance art to the Freelance Jungle blog? We’ll see you on Thursday!


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