It wouldn’t be a freelance appreciation month campaign without a few freebies thrown into the mix!

We know how tough it can be to navigate the world of freelance work, so we’ve put together a collection of free resources to help you manage your clients, promote your business on social media, and connect with a community of fellow freelancers.

Your Freelance Client Communication toolkit

Let the Freelance Jungle help you navigate the art of encouraging your clients to appreciate the great work you do via testimonials.

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Key messages and ways to promote freelance appreciation
  • Communication materials you can access and share
  • Tips with engaging with your clients in a meaningful way

Download it now

Social media assets and desk reminders

As working freelancers, we’re often so focussed on the client’s needs, we forget our own. That’s where these free social media assets and desk reminders come in. We’ve designed them to help normalise good behaviour from clients, freelancers pushing back on under-nourished feedback, and celebrating freelance appreciation month.

Take what you need from our Google Drive now.

Ways to improve client to freelancer communication

Want to lift your client communication game but are unsure how? The Freelance Jungle has released a series of longer blogs that act as scripts to help you transform your client communication. These helpful blogs not only give expert advice, they also supply much needed phrases you can use via email, on Zoom or in person to help lift your client management game.

You can learn what to say to:

And you can learn the art of client management (even if you’re not a natural). With more added throughout April and May, you’ll be lifting your client management game in no time.

Client management support from Rounded

Rounded have pointed us toward three exceptional assets that can help make your freelance client management easier, too! Focusing strongly on content, Rounded are more than a great accounting app. They offer a helpful portal of client management knowledge.

You can take advantage of:

Oh, and they are cheerfully donating prizes to our freelance appreciation campaign. You have two ways to win:

  1. Share your top tips in client management so we can all learn your bad ass skills
  2. Share your client management stories (good, bad or indifferent) via the survey

Helpful video classes and transcripts

Throughout April and May, we’ll be sharing live events for you to attend plus a bunch of great content as video replays and newly created transcripts transformed into helpful guides.

You can sign up for everything from common client-based accounting snafus, how to manage six of your topmost tricky client types, a special stress down to share your client woes and get specific advice, and uncover what businesses are looking for when managing freelance talent.

Follow our events page for more details as the new events drop.

A client-specific content to promote

The missing link with managing freelance clients is helping the clients learn better behaviour. That’s why we’re bringing together a bunch of helpful blogs and a client-specific angle to the client management puzzle. You are welcome to download and share the Client Management Toolkit we’ve prepared and check your clients against the client management quiz. You can also make use of 20 blogs designed to help promote better behaviour in clients.

Let’s learn together and create great client-management relationships now.

Sharing the love and load

We can’t raise the standard of client freelancer relations as single freelancers or single freelance communities. But together, we can ask for fair pay, fair treatment and respect. We’ve compiled a list of great places to find community and work as a freelancer. Whether you’re looking for job boards, networking events, or online forums, our list has something for everyone. And if you notice anyone is missing, let us know! The more we know where to go for help and support, the better we will all be.

You can check out the Friends of the Freelance Jungle now.

Want more ways to talk all things freelance appreciation? Head to the Freelance Jungle community now.

Thank you to our sponsor, Rounded, for supporting this blog post and making it possible. <3 If you’re looking for more advice to make your freelancing sing, check out their whopping 71 pieces of advice from successful freelancers. 


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