It sounds cliché, but coronavirus is really bringing out the best in so many creative freelancers. There is simply so much talent working, tinkering, dreaming and playing that it is almost hard to keep track.

I must admit, after having the Freelance Jungle a tightly regulated (some say regulated by a tight arse) promotion-free zone, I was worried at what would result in relaxing the guidelines.

Here though, I feel I have missed the opportunity to walk through a garden of minds brimming with imagination, kindness and compassion.

I’m not anti-business. Simply sick and tired of the same tired business bullshit that usually results as soon as you open a business group to promotion. The cliché no-investment link drops, the razzle dazzle sales jazz hands. The whole boring bunch.

But this, oh my goodness, this is a wonderland of creative freelancers exploring and dreaming. They’re all looking for ways to make sense of the now we have under coronavirus. Or to escape it with beauty, whimsy, story and more.

Here it is- the celebration of all kinds of creative freelancers throwing up their hands and saying I made this on a Thursday

Creative freelancers telling stories  

Anzac pride with Stella Tzobanakis-Dos Santos

Stella Tzobanakis-Dos Santos shares a story about the Anzacs and the Battle of Crete for children. You can view it on ABC Gippsland’s Facebook page.

Doing it for the kids with Rachy Zanini

Rachy Zanini is using her freelance writing talents to educate and support parents.

“When I had to cancel my son’s 7th birthday party, I blogged about all the creative ways to have a party in Coronavirus.”

If clothes could talk with Shane Moon

Shane Moon is a notable creative with a slew of events and ideas under her belt in the Illawarra creative scene. She is a comedian and co-founder of Wollongong Comedy, a show and events producer and the founder of The Gong’s Great Clothes Swap.

She’s launched a storytelling project, If Clothes Could Talk.

“I’ve had this show idea for some time. Inspired by years of running the clothes swap. Stories about that item of clothing you just can’t let go of. I’m taking submissions now for anyone who wants to get involved.”

Write your memoir with Carly Findlay

Carly Findlay OAM is a tireless appearance activist and disability campaigner. Writer, speaker and inclusion officer, Carly brings disability needs to the fore with every opportunity.

Here’s a video I did about getting started with memoir writing for City of Melbourne Libraries. I talk about the importance of writing every day, that memoir can be an Instagram post – not a book, and mention a heap of communities you can join. Hope it’s useful!”

Writing abounds with Andrea Rowe

Andrea Rowe is a freelance communications strategist and copywriter based in Mornington Peninsula. She’s also heavily invested in literature and runs the Peninsula Writers Club.

“I’ve shifted my regional writers club physical meet-ups and guest author talks to Zoom Chats, daily writing Flash Fiction competitions and about to launch a Digital Writers In Residence. It’s for writers who live in my coastal region but we have several members in retirement homes and some writers who had to cancel writing retreats / workshops / a few with mobility challenges or in final book edit stages so this boost in connection has been lovely.”  


Creative freelancers who podcast  

The Guilt Trip with Tamara Linke

Get your podcast on with this slice of reality based on living in 2020 with Tamara Linke.

“They’re not famous. They’re not here to inspire you. But they’re perfectly relevant and always relatable. These are your people, hanging their guilt out to dry for all to see. Being a mum, voice artist and performer trying to survive the daily drag and living in a world of guilt, Tamara Linke delves deep into guests experiences with guilt in whichever form that takes- conversations without any holds barred. Intros and debatable opinions from her other half Kai Linke keep it entertaining if not a little dirty.”

Shrews Untamed

Jay Crisp Crow and Jennifer Zeven have made a feminist podcast that intends to tackle all the frustration women usually put in the chat channels or discuss over coffee and wine into the open. Strap yourself in.

This is the Shrews Untamed Podcast: Where two old witches stir the pot and pull back the curtain on social and cultural plots. Untamed and unashamed, join us as we talk about all the things while having a cackle about our not-so-secret plan to eat the patriarchy.”

Popcorn Podcast with Leigh and Tim

How’s this for unlocking a major audio bucket list item (says the massive Essie Davis fan). Lucky Leigh Livingstone!

“I interviewed actor Essie Davis for this week’s episode of Popcorn Podcast and she was DELIGHTFUL. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is available on digital now.”

The Content Byte

Lynne Testoni and Rachel Murphy (of Rachel’s List fame) are cracking lasses. So it stands to reason their podcast is a great listen, too! This from Lynne:

“Love to do a shout-out for my podcast with Rach Murphy – The content byte. It’s all about writing, freelancing and running your own business. This week we spoke all about pitching ideas to editors and corporates. Pretty important at the moment!”

Creative freelancers making music

Lizzie Jack

My band (Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks) has finally finished recording our debut EP and would love for people to follow us on Facebook and all your music channels to get some traction! We were lucky enough to be able to play the last night at a local music venue before the shutdown, but it’s looking like playing live will be put on hold for months. If you want to follow us that would be amaze! Stay safe and happy during these crazy times everyone!”

Mem Davis

Mem Davis is an Illawarra musician who has spoken out about everything from the bushfires to animal cruelty with her music.

“I revisited one of the first songs I ever wrote, about Dr Catherine Hamlin. Well, about her patients, really. My old duo partner sent the instrumental over from Northern Queensland, and I did the vocals from South Coast NSW. Not our best song, but a lovely way to honour someone I looked up to so much.”  

The art and design of creative freelancers  

Gemma Waite

Gemma Waite’s shares the love and her personal experience.

“I made this for social distance sake and because hubby is working in Sydney while I self-isolate with the kids during the week. He joins us on weekends.”

Lauren Bird

Designer Lauren Bird is helping to share the safety message.

“I’ve been working closely with a psychologist to develop a couple of factsheets to help support the frontline workers and their loved ones. Thought it might be worth sharing here, everyone seems to know someone on the frontline at the moment.”

Amy L Clarke

Illustrator Amy L Clarke brings us Resilience Illustrated. It has a simple message, “I’m hoping to share stories of hope, adaptation and resilience during the Coronavirus crisis.”

Mariela Diaz-Rojas

A favourite from our Thrifty Tuesday series, Mariela is on fire with this latest offering from Quirks Studio.

“I have created some fun A4 posters and colour in pages for the kids to help entertain them during this time in iso and to also keep it fun! Doggies, piggies, and fun sing a longs.

Hope you all enjoy, print them, colour them, sing them and share them 😊

Doggie colour in A4 –

Head, elbow, sneeze and cough educational A4 poster-

This Little Piggie went to the market educational posters –

Travel posters by Drawn Upon

Visit the places you can’t this COVID-19 through the imagination of Colin Dyte of Drawn Upon.

“I’ve been wanting to move into a more product-based business for a while. Travel posters are what I’m focussing on for now. Got this one completed during the lockdown and put it up for sale last night. Have just passed 50 sales! Now if only I can keep the momentum up. If you’d like one here’s the link.”


Creative freelancers being free to create

Simon Lissaman

Sometimes, the best art is what we make for ourselves, as Simon Lissaman demonstrates.

“I’m in the final stages of preparation of a studio-scale replica of the Visitor Skyfighter from the 80s series “V”. The model was moulded from the original filming miniature in a brittle fiberglass. I’ve been grinding, filling & sanding out the join lines and preparing for paint.”

Seren Trump

Long time Freelance Jungle supporter Seren Trump has taken up watercolour painting. Check this beauty out.

Stacey Lewis

I’ll let this amazing woodcarving by Stacey Lewis speak for itself.

“I started this years ago with an offcut piece of timber. Have picked it back up again with the plan to pin all my past trips on it (and some new ones once we can travel again!). It’s not that exciting but the carving is soothing.”

Tim Hanslow

Tim Hanslow is an admin at the Freelance Jungle and a community manger of considerable skill. But her has a zest and zeal for gaming that can’t be beat. Check this out.

“In the last two weeks I mustered together everything I knew, and a bunch I didn’t know to create two VR experiences for a friend’s kids. Their birthdays are days apart.

I had to quickly double down and learn how to apply existing animations to humanoid models, build some of my own from scratch. Modelling, texturing, some code, the works.”

Coronavirus fashion by creative freelancers

Sarai Lawson

What’s the point of being in a pandemic if you can’t look good doing it? Check out their shit just got real socks (and other designs) on Redbubble.

Alisha Rose Caine

Alisha Rose Caine is known around Wollongong for throwing her freelance design weight behind worthy community causes. She’s just dropped a fresh batch of COVID-19 tee shirts.

A fresh batch of DREW_7bee merch has landed!
$45 each + FREE postage
Or order go to:

In comments include:
Postal address
Size/s: kids 6-16, adults unisex: XS-4XL
Style/s: “Proper Gander”, “COVID-19”, “Little fish, big squid vs plastic bag”
*approx three week turnaround 

Capturing the moment

Sam St Jon presents Together Apart

Wollongong based portrait photographer has attracted a lot of interest in her project, Together Apart.

“I’ve been taking socially distanced portraits, documenting how people in my home town are coping with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. Originally the idea was for it to be just photos, but I found myself compelled by the conversations I was having with people. People need people, and at this time when its hard to connect, I realized that sharing the stories of the people in the photos would help foster a sense of community.”

Grant McCall and silence in St Kilda

We normally know Grant McCall for his stellar work with Rounded. Here’s him showing his eagle eye with silence in St Kilda.

“As a little side project my wife and I put together this video to try and capture the atmosphere around St Kilda during the last few weeks. Our neighbourhood has been a bit sad and silent at times, but also calm and hopeful. We wanted to document that.”

How we’ve helped our clients

Sarina del Fuego helped with this intriguing project, The Digital Wonder Emporium. It brings together creatives and artists to create for an audience (adult and children) through masterclasses.

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