Here is the Freelance Jungle client work showcase for mid-2021. We often gather around to celebrate the projects we have completed for our clients on a Thursday in our grassroots community. These projects are then highlighted on our blog.

The Freelance Jungle client work showcase is a way of showing the good work we do in a positive manner. Check it out! 


Communicating for the community

Our client work often covers social issues and works with bodies that have important messages to share in a variety of different ways. Here’s a snapshot of that varied nature.

Social media work by Perri Hillier

I’m chuffed to be doing social media posts for Reimagine Banyule (paid/volunteer) and Monty Community Hub (volunteer).

Ever hopeful that community & sustainability will fight the status quo. 

Charity matching campaigns by Andrea Rowe

I made a major charity matching campaign for the Royal Flying Doctor Service – project managed the filming and relationship with a palliative care family for weeks, but lockdown stuffed up our Vic filming. Pulled this together in 3 days. Yesterday it launched for a 24-hr match giving day for a new volunteer program ABC we kicked the donation aim out of the park. I’m so proud. The family we interviewed are thrilled and honoured too to see their story move others. I feel immensely proud of making this one with the film crew.

Grant writing by Martina Donkers

Had a nice win this week. A client was successful in their bid for a national health program – over $1m towards a health education program that will improve capability of key professionals in early childhood health.  The application was pretty last minute with several partners, and I had to redesign several elements of their program design to make it work. I’m really proud of it!

Check out Martina’s website for info on her services.

Job Seeker Survey by Rach Murphy

A banner by Rachel's List which reads "Suervey: Job Ads - the good, the bad and the ugly" with hashtags #jobs #gigs #hiringWhat makes you run (not walk) to apply for a job ad? And what are the red flags that stop you in your tracks? At Rachel’s List, we’re doing a survey of job-seekers about what makes a great ad. An ad that gets results, and helps job-posters find the right person, whether that’s a full-time bum-on-a-seat or a freelancer for a one-off project. So if you’re a seeker of jobs and gigs, please help us out by answering our quick survey! Thanks.



Visual client work

Illustration, design and animation all come together on a daily basis when it comes to freelance client work. Here are some great examples from their respective fields.

Children’s illustrations by Simon Lissaman

Diptych illustration of two mermaids floating upright with their backs turned to us. On the left, the mermaid has flowing dark hair and a green tail with orange stripes floats. On the right is a mermaid with a blue tail. I’ve almost become a published children’s book illustrator. I did 50 paintings of mythological creatures last year, but the book was canned after the work was complete.

Fortunately, I got paid in full and I’m just starting to release these into the wild. Mermaid was one of my favourites and I’m adding a bit more care and attention to her for my folio. On the left is the final approved version, on the right is the improved version.

Wedding invite design by Elizabeth Kelly

A wedding invitation is shown on a soft floral background. The invitation has a similar background and the wedding details are written in a elegant script. I was excited to finally get to share this artwork and invitation design I created well over a year ago for the lovely Song-Hee and Mike. Their wedding that was scheduled for March last year finally went ahead this year instead. It is the first of many postponed designs that have been shelved due to Covid restrictions awaiting a moment of future happiness for my clients.

Educational animation by Hayley Rollason-Jones

I just had a long project that I am really proud to be involved on go public. It was written and designed collaboratively with the health workers and midwives of Apunipima (through workshops) to make sure it is content relevant to their communities and told in a way that resonates with the reality of Anaemia and pregnancy in Cape York communities.


Online client work

Freelancing would be nothing without a few examples of online client work. Here are web and copy!

Website building by Monica Higgins

I made this website for my partner.

She wanted a brutalist anti-aesthetic vibe, so that’s what she got! I also did the little stop motion animation of her hands playing her double bass. She’s very lucky to have got this for free, but she has to cook me dinner for the next six months at least!

Web FAQ writing by Rebekah Lambert

I have been working with the amazing ExSitu, a care plan provider in aged care and also in end-of-life through advance care plans.

They’re really unique in that they use values as a core part of planning what you would like your life to look like in the later stages of life. Unlike what most people assume, it’s about that decade or so after retirement where you think about your goals in an aged care environment and later life to make them as about you as possible. It outlines where your definitions of quality of life are including what you would like to experience to maintain dignity. And advance care planning helps you articulate what treatment is right for you and what you’d prefer to happen with treatment if you lose the ability to advocate for yourself.

If you are curious, check it out!


Publishing client work

Last but not least, client work in the publishing space is a hot property. Here, we take a look at eBook and magazine publishing. 

eBook works by Grace Bridges

Latest thing for a client: editing, typesetting, cover design, and eBook formatting. He wanted to get a bit fancy with the headings inside, and some of those can be seen in the Look Inside sample. He’s a great client and I’ve processed several books for him now, from draft to published.…/dp/B08YQFT1JR/

Magazine publishing by Kirstie Wyatt

Just published the summer edition of the national magazine I design. Exciting as this is our tenth-year anniversary. Greg Ross the editor is an old client as I was doing other design work for him even before he decided to launch the mag. He has become a close friend as well along the way. So lovely to have a working relationship like this as it’s really just he and I that put the whole thing together, so I get lots of creative freedom. (Sam bloom featured on the cover has an amazing story and is the subject of the new movie penguin bloom with Naomi Watts).


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