Freelance deals and those fun ways to save money for your sole trader business have become pretty important. That’s why the Freelance Jungle is operating a Thrifty Tuesday thread in our Facebook group each week. The best of the bunch is then collated into a freelance deals blog for that week.

4 posters instruct people to stop at the door due to immuno-compromised child, stay home, take their asthma medication and stay safe. Featured as part of freelance deals in the Freelance Jungle for download.

Art by designer Mariela Rojas-Diaz

This is the summary of Thrifty Tuesday freelance deals for the week of April 2nd, 2020

Staying creative and proactive


#The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place online. Every spring, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of exploring their creativity.
Anyone can join (yes, that means you!). The idea is simple: choose a project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject.
#The100DayProject starts April 7th, 2020.


Want another creative challenge?

Join thirty by thirty in April to get inspired to create, make and more.


Learn with Lynda

Want to learn new skills? If you are a member of a library check if you can get free access to


Fender guitar lessons

Fender are giving you three months’ worth of virtual guitar lessons free.



Skillshare are offering 2 months free to learn your freelance heart out.


Freelance deals on software



LogMeIn remote access and collaboration products are free for 3 months. They also have advice on how to work remotely.


Ableton Live

One for the musicians, current and aspiring. Ableton Live 10 Suite is free for 90 days.


Freelance deals on data

Get the round up of ISPs and Telcos offering free data, extra calls and more compiled by Freelance Jungle member, content writer Jason Treuen. Note: most do require you to activate them to be able to take advantage.


Teaching at your kids at home

Freelance education specialist Carla Beth Anderson contributed a massive amount of educational freebies under our freelance deals thread this week. Talk about a Thrifty Tuesday for the at-home teachers!

  1. Watch a Shakespearean production by The Globe Theatre.
  2. Watch a full-length play streamed weekly by London’s National Theatre

  3. Listen to free David Walliams stories

  4. Check out your local library’s digital collection. Even my local has some excellent eBooks and audiobooks available via the Borrow Box app.

    5. Watch and listen to free concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic

  5. Learn to draw with Dav Pilkey

  6. Don’t forget the fabulous resources available at ABC Education. A lot of the resources will have learning activities and thinking/discussion points listed in a separate tab.!/resources

  7. Lots of museums to virtually visit

    9. 1 month free access to Teachstarter Pro. Sign up and download lots of primary level learn at home resources.


Stay home messaging

Adept at creativity and communication, freelance graphic designer Mariela Diaz-Rojas has made some free posters to help you communicate your needs during coronavirus.

A4 Posters Galore! Click on the link and you can download the high res version.
No sign up required.

How’s that for freelance deals of the week?

Staying entertained

Freelance deals on music abound at the moment. Check them out.

Friday Night at Home

For mental health, online music gigs on a Friday night for $2.50, $2 from each ticket goes to the artist (50c platform booking fee). Different artist each week.

Spotify Isolation Playlist

Musician Tomson Sowonja is compiling all manner of playlist over on Spotify. Here’s his Hour of power playlist for isolation


Tasty treats

Freelance deals wouldn’t be complete without some food ideas to keep you humming along.

Sam Walker put some of their favourite low-cost meal favourites together.

Savoury Mince.
So versatile. And it goes along way. My favourite way to have it is on baked potato or baked sweet potato. Then add toppings of choice. Suggestions – coleslaw, beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole – pretty much anything you have in the fridge.
Can be a fun meal for kids as they can choose their own toppings. In my experience even the biggest meat eaters eat less meat with this option.
You could also make tacos or put in a burrito style wrap.

Shepherd’s Pie

Another use for savoury Mince is shepherd’s pie. Make your mince, mash a heap of potato, Pile it on top and spread evenly, stick in the oven until the mash browns. You can serve salad or veg on the side or put veggies in with the mince.
Healthy and filling and cheap.
Hot tip – a teaspoon of Vegemite adds flavour to your mince.
I also like to pack mine with lots of spices. So many different ways you can do it.

My tip is to chop the meat and veg up quite small. That way meat lovers will think they are getting loads of meat because they get some with nearly every mouthful and you can cram loads more veggies in. Saves a little bit on the cost of meat.


One for the pets: dog treats

The Freelance Jungle’s Creative Director Jinny loves her hound, Max. Here’s her handmade treats recipe.

Buy chicken bits. The ones that are chopped up are easy, but you can also buy fillets & slice them thinly. Spread them through the dehydrator shelves & select highest temperature for about 10 hours. They are ready when they are totally dry. Keep them in the fridge or if you’re not sure that they are totally dry freeze them.


Want more freelance deals? Here’s last week. Also, check in for our weekly summary of Thrifty Tuesday tips and tricks!



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