Freelance artists span photography, drawing, using technology, painting and all kinds of wonderful arty undertakings. We’re privileged to have so many freelance artists exhibiting, sharing their work via social media and generally making the Freelance Jungle a lovely creative space to be in.

Here are some of the works of freelance artists found in the Jungle during October and November 2020

Freelance artists exhibiting

We’ve got a pretty talented bunch of freelance artists who regularly exhibit. Here are a few examples for you to enjoy.

Project / Forward: 2047 – Rhiannon Hopley

Announced a very cool project that I’m hugely excited for,

Project / Forward: 2047, presented by Micro Galleries is weekend global projection art festival (11-13 December) featured in Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru and Jordan, that will be echoed in Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Over 45 artworks from across the world will be beamed onto unexpected spaces in places we need to be in the spotlight, proving that not only will COVID not stop us from creating, but it’s also giving us the fuel to create the world we want.

I’m a creative lead, working directly with the hosts for each site, I’ll be hosting here in Australia, and creating new work for it.

Honestly, it’s only been about a week of proper planning and it’s 100% the reason this entire year doesn’t suck -just scrapped in there.

Poster for Project Forward 2047 shows a building corner square with a shadowed figure in front of it. The floor is multicoloured

Augmented reality – Jaccob McKay

Augmented reality exhibition at our new studio / gallery using my photography as a basis

Freelance artists using pencil, pen and paper

You’ve got to love the work of the freelance artists who bring their magic to drawing, painting and more. Here are some such examples.

Drawing faces – Regina Safro

I drew this…

White oil pencil on paper….and this. Graphite on paper

Pup portrait – Leela Fry

#imt just super chuffed that I did this sweet pup for a friend. The pup has since died, and this is something to remember her by 😭💚.

A drawing of a happy dog looks at the screen with tail wagging

Personal art – Lesley Frances Vamos

This was the last personal artwork I made … Mostly I’ve been swamped with clients and haven’t had time to draw for myself.

A small child's hand reaches out to grab onto an adult finger

Cowboys wanted – Nisa Noo’s mum

My mum just drew this of my 6-year-old so I can make a wanted poster for his cowboy party.

A sketched cowboy with a neckerchief over their face is wearing a cowboy hat and staring dead ahead

Art that isn’t made for the frame

Here is the art that takes on a life of its own off the page. There’s more to art than the frame allows for as this group of freelance artists demonstrates. We’ve got all sorts of 3D fun out and about in the world for you to enjoy.

Printables – Sarah Scott

Created a free bat printable on my website so people can have some Halloween fun.

A chain of bats are hanging from a family mantlepiece

Minotaur mask – Sophia Papaelias

Making a minotaur mask at the moment. It’s not finished but I’m liking where it’s headed! Making the neck piece right now and then it needs some dental work and a lot of airbrushing (It’ll be black, the brown is purely for highlight reasons).

A fluffy headed minotaur looks out at the world, it's amber eyes aflame

Sculpture – Anastasia La Fey

I’ve been working on a collaborative development with some fellow artists as part of an ongoing project – this week has involved creating multi-form inhabitable sculptures re-imagining waste… these are an example of my investigations so far.

A black and white photo shows a weird object that looks like a ghostly ball of smoke

Freelance artists mixing technology and art

Take a walk through the wonderful marriage of technology and art with our next batch of freelance artists. We’ve got art on social media, art made with tech, 3D pieces and more.

A-Z of mental health – Amy L Clarke

I’m creating an A-Z of mental health for Mental Health Month. You can follow along on my Instagram:

Inktober- Elizabeth Gilmore

Last month I participated in Inktober, which caught the attention of a couple of people, one person asked if I do commissions.

I said they’d be my first one. They wanted to be drawn as my cartoons. So, I asked what their favourite song or nursery rhyme was, a picture of them in their favourite clothes and the kids’ full names and birthdays.

This is the end result. What do you think?

*Images of a sun with a cloud either side. Under neither is a family of four plus a dog between two trees, on some hills. Underneath the image is the words to “You are my sunshine.”

*Please note, it’s on an A4 board paper, and family details have been cut from the bottom to protect privacy.

A sun is peeking through the trees

The art of death – Sandy Shailes

I have started (just for fun) to illustrate my obsession with graves and grave markers. If I stick with it, I’ll create an Instagram page called the grave robber collection. Here is one of my favourite headstones of all time here in Fremantle Cemetery. I wonder at the depth of love and loss which resulted in this giant work of art. I am totally fascinated by it.

Disclaimer- Still learning this digital art thing!

An illustrated figure leans on a cross shaped tombstone

Mixing art with photography

Let’s grab a few layers of art and photography with the next couple of freelance artists works. It’s bound to get you thinking!

Wet plate collodion print- Rhiannon Hopley

My first ever tintype/wet-plate collodion print. Done in the 150-year-old traditional photographic process, it’s like magic, creating an image using metal, chemicals, silver and fire!

Moody art – Fiona McNeill

This is purely a piece of indulgence on my part. Playing with making folded cards from those photos of mine that aren’t hideous (I’m no photographer, but I take so many that I get the occasional decent shot). Took a batch of “moody” photos when the rains finally turned up in February and I quite liked the look – I didn’t edit them or anything, just cropped as necessary and positioned.

Designed to fold so the writings on the back.

Made in Canva because it does make creating whimsy fun.

A darkened landscape with branches reaching to the sky is visible

Art for asylum – Rhiannon Slatter

I made some pictures using a combo of flatbed scans and photography during lockdown and then I tried a new printing technique onto metal which is amazing! I just launched my project to raise funds for Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

A mix of lights on a building with blue light over the top is on the wall behind the stripey sofa.

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