Have you heard of the #share222 movement? This simple social media activity is helping women raise up other women with a simple tag and mindset exercise. Here’s a little rundown on the idea behind this simple change launched by psychologist, author and motivational speaker, Caroline Adams Miller. 

You know what the world needs? More appreciation of what others do for us. And you know how you can create that? By giving compliments to other people.

Compliments, large or small, help connect us to each other. It demonstrates that we value the people and causes around us. It helps another person reconnect with their value and see the good in themselves. And they make us feel good for giving them too!

It doesn’t take much to appreciate other people. It’s about verbalising what you like about them. Or taking a moment to cheer them on. Dig out those moments and start making the change each time you see people you admire or care about.

Want something structured to spur you on? 

Caroline Adams Miller is a psychologist who studies female-on-female aggression in the workplace. She talks of realising women simply don’t raise each other up enough in business.

“My trifecta of awareness came when I finally absorbed the fact that any social media post of mine from a vacation spot or about my children always earned the support and “likes” from my female friends, but that the moment I had the audacity to say that my latest book had been mentioned in a national publication, or that I had achieved a tough physical goal, those same females disappeared. Not all, of course, but a noticeable decline that has been apparent for many years, but that I was afraid to really look at or even talk about.”

Caroline Miller on how we silence women through being critical about other women’s achievements instead of curious, welcoming and supportive.

And what she’s doing to change that through making women’s wins more visible AND socially acceptable to other women.


Check out the #share222 movement here.

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