JobKeeper 2.0 looms large in our consciousness. We’re putting on a free virtual event for Freelance Jungle members to help answer your questions and allay your fears.

Holly Shoebridge (accountant) is back to help you navigate JobKeeper 2.0. A favourite in the Freelance Jungle, Holly is known for her generous answers and helpful approach to accounting.

40 to 45 minute presentation with 15 minute QnA at the end.

Topic includes:

  • JobKeeper eligibility – changed turnover tests
  • Required record keeping – changes from JK 1.0
  • Determining amount of hours worked in relative month for purpose of tier 1 or tier 2 payment
  • JK 2.0 reduced payment rates (tier 1 and tier 2 payments)
  • Considering planning for the coming months

This is an ideal Crowdcast for anyone who wants to understand the difference between the first and second versions of JobKeeper in simple, no nonsense language from a friendly face.

2pm AEST 29th September, 2020. Action replay is also available by the same link. Check it out now: 

Meet Holly

Holly Shoebridge is a woman with blonde, short cropped hair and smile. She is wearing a black top and cardigan. She is an accountant presenting on JobKeeper 2.0 Holly, the director of Oceans Accounting & Advisory, is a certified public practitioner of CPA Australia, an ASIC agent, a registered BAS agent, tax agent in training, Xero partner & Quickbooks advisor. Holly has over 15 years experience providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to large corporate and not for profit clients, both domestic and international, within the music industry, and more recently advising SMEs across a wide variety of industries including creative and media, recruitment, medical, agricultural, finance and construction.

However, Holly is not your typical accountant.

She also holds a Diploma of Counselling; she’s a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter, a volunteer primary school ethics teacher and a quirky creative, previously with an associated photography and photographic art business. Holly had reached a point where she had considered throwing in the towel on her accounting studies and career. But then thought, why not combine her interests and professional experience to help others? This is how Oceans Accounting & Advisory came to be.

Freelance Jungle highlighting issues with JobKeeper 2.0

Rebekah Lambert spoke to David Taylor from Radio National about how she won’t be able to continue on JobKeeper due to surgeries last year and faces an uncertain future as a result.

You can listen to the interview here:

If you require further assistance understanding JobKeeper 2.0, please contact your accountant and/or the ATO. 


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