The State of Australian Freelancing is the name of the 2019 report into Australian freelancing conducted by the Freelance Jungle. The aim was to collect and clarify the challenges the facing Australian freelancing sector while exploring the opportunities for change. It also counters some of the current myths and misconceptions about the sorts of people who choose freelancing as a career reasons why we choose it.

Key findings with the The State of Australian Freelancing report include:

  • Women are the majority of the industry. 84% of our respondents were women
  • Those aged between 30 and 49 years of age dominate freelancing (75% of responses)
  • Balancing family commitments is the number one motivation for choosing to freelance (22.08%)
  • To experience personal freedom and autonomy (20.67%), redundancy or firing (10.25%), and to better manage a physical or mental health condition (7.42%) accounted for the remaining top four responses
  • We’re experienced with over half (56%) with a decade or more experience and 1 in 5 having a minimum two decades
  • Freelancing in Australia spans over 120 different careers with high concentrations of skill in copywriting and content (41%), editing and proofing (21%), and marketing (21%).
  • 10% of freelancers work more than 45 hours a week
  • Negative experiences in traditional workplaces kindle the interest in freelancing. 6% of left toxic workplaces behind, 10% were pushed out or fired, and 7% chose freelancing because their previous workplace didn’t allow for management of health, disability and/or mental health.
  • Networks bring the work with 75% of respondents relying on referrals and relationship-orientated strategies of client referral, peer referral, previous employer and friend/family network providing the top 4 opportunities to source work.
  • 52% experience self-doubt, a lack of confidence and/or Imposter Syndrome.
  • Despite decades in business and years of experience, freelancers still don’t know what to charge, how to advocate for their value or counter pricing objections, with 50.9% unsure of what to charge, 46% struggling to explain their value, and almost 35% facing a regular challenge to their quotes and rates.
  • 42% want to learn lead generation and business development. Almost 39% want help with basic business hygiene re: legal rights, terms and conditions, GST and finances.
  • 70% of freelancers have freelancing as their main source of income. Only 38% make enough to pay the bills. Over half of the respondents (52%) struggle with cash flow.
  • Sydney and Melbourne are not the focus of the freelance market. Freelancers live all over the country, in every state and territory, urban, regional and remote. We work from overseas and we’re ready to work from just about anywhere.

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Check out the summary of The State of Australian Freelancing 2019 report. Research conducted for freelancers by freelancers by the Australian Freelance Jungle.

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