Freelance projects are the grease that oils the squeaky financial wheel. They are also what keep us captivated, challenged and focussed in between. We’re lucky enough to celebrate the freelance projects, large and small, in the Freelance Jungle on a regular basis. You should join us sometime!

In the meantime, here are the freelance projects kicking goals in the month of September 2020


Client-based freelance projects

Let’s celebrate the fantastic work we’re doing for our clients in all manner of forms and on a wide variety of topics with these freelance projects.

Event poster art and TVC campaign with Monica Higgins

I made this poster for an upcoming event in Tassie. Made with digital collage/photo composite work. I create the poster and art every year, and I usually use the same general design (highlighting tulips) but update it with slightly new botanicals. This year the design is quite different, and explores my client’s project, Kelp, Pollen, Rain – a virtual reality experience that seeks to create global conversation around climate change.

I love working on this art every year, and it’s interesting to see how the same overall look can tell a slightly different story with just a few tweaks. The artwork for previous years is below the poster – just so you can see what I’m talking about.

Also, feeling quite proud of this job I worked on, and my first in the world of advertising. I did art direction and created the fun 80s world you see in the scenes.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with Gemma Pitcher

This week I’ve been working for a new client and learning all about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I have been blown away by how common it is and by the families who live with FASD and are such amazing advocates. Yesterday was FASD day and this month is FASD awareness month. It’s all about support for mums-to-be so they can have a conception and pregnancy free from alcohol, because many people are not given the right information that there is no safe amount to drink when trying to get pregnant or while pregnant. Check out this amazing adult, Jess, who lives with FASD:

Cannoli Queen and Lisa Jones

I recently did a logo for a dessert festival happening in Brisbane and it’s great seeing it out in the real world being used!

Speech pathology week with JB Muscat

For Speech Pathology Week (this week), my partner in creativity, Celeste Fishburn and I have teamed up with superstar speech pathologists, Little Birdie Books to give away a super cute “Be Yourself” book pack, and individual alphabet letter of choice (from our alphabet, with a difference side project / fundraiser, which supports the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation).


Virtual Didactics with Annetta Mallon

I gave the Virtual Didactics lecture to palliative care and hospice Fellowship programme members at the University of South Carolina last Friday morning at 2am – when I am at my shining best, of course.

I discussed End Of Life Doulas, and how they, as
 a non-medical role, can save doctors and health systems time and money with death literacy and advance planning conversations. End of Life Doulas also have time to spend with people, invaluable at end of life. And when advance planning is in place health system workers can path heroic interventions to those who want them, rather than to everyone, saving resources and person hours.

Lecture was fun – one of Dr Ben Thompson’s, the programme coordinator, colleagues took this shot of Ben watching my lecture – 2:30pm for them, 2:30am for me!

Canberra website with Nicole Leedham

We made this website for Canberra with Sandra Muller Matt Fenwick Emma Grey Amanda VanElderen

Indoor art and branding with Eva Klusacek.

I designed & painted a new mural for Wodonga Ice Skating Rink this week. Hopefully with the easing of regional COVID-19 restrictions, it can open again soon.

Eva Klusacek. is leaning over her artwork for a local rink. She looks like one of the skaters and she holds her leg high to draw on the wall.

Café branding with Gemma Waite

I did this branding recently for a suffering cafe in Melbourne.

Scream of Ideas with Jackie Anne

Well normally I don’t post my stuff but last week I was working on a soundtrack piece for a short film. The requirements were slightly out of my usual style but I’m ambitious and knew I could do it. I died of stress due to old cheap software making my job impossible and having to switch files constantly between 2 platforms/laptops for 5 days. Long story short it was hugely stressful. Cost me a lot of money to upgrade my composition system which I did. I had 3 all-nighters doing requested instrument/song format edits and the client wanted it yesterday. Here is the end result which wound up being rejected in favour of generic stock music instead after all that! 😁😭 Hopefully someone here might appreciate it even if just for a listen lol. I poured my soul into this for 2 weeks. Bright side? Loving my new software upgrade 👍


Working on our own freelance projects

Sometimes, the causes and issues we love need a bit of tender love and freelance care. That’s why we’re often found doing freelance projects for the things we love and support.

The Orangutan Project with Vicki Renner

I’m pretty excited about this art competition I’m running with The Orangutan Project: It’s ticking along nicely and it’s one of the more creative things I’ve done for a while! (Way more creative than teaching community development online!)

Visual prompts for disability with Claire Spence 

My son is on the spectrum so gets cool visuals to help him with routines and independence.
I’ve been asked to create personalised ones so many times that I’ve decided to add visual tools in as a side hustle (I love drawing anyway). If you know someone who needs visual prompts (disability, speech, occupational therapist, Alzheimer’s, dementia, early childhood etc) they can add themselves to my mailing list to get release updates 

Art cards for Health workers and more by Rhiannon Hopley

A project I worked on that called out to artists to send a handmade card as thanks to health care workers around the world wrapped up. I made an animated video to showcase the cards and stories behind them.

I also launched my virtual exhibition last night:

Illustration with Amy L Clarke

I’ve started illustrating my book (after it sitting for almost 5 years).
It’s an illustrated picture book for new parents. An honest alphabet of becoming a parent. Hopefully it’ll be a fun light-hearted advice book to help with the transition to parent
You can follow my progress here: (although I’m about to move house in 2 weeks so I feel I’m going to be out of action for a month 😥). Hopefully I won’t lose the momentum once I’ve settled into the new place.

Portrait art for kids with Sam St Jon

Creative Wollongong is running a portrait project for people between the ages of 12-24. Young people from across Wollongong to share photographs that show what they are grateful for and reflect on what 2020 has been like for them. 18 of the photos will be chosen to be exhibited in the Crown Street Mall.

I think it’s a beautiful hands-on way to practise gratitude and reflect on the things and people that have been helping us get through the past few months.

The project is offering free portrait sessions for those who don’t have access to a camera, so I’ll be helping out with that. If you know someone who’d benefit please send them the link below.

Entries close on midnight the 5th of October and you can go to to enter and for more info.

Please share the project far and wide! Tell your kids, tell your housemates, tell your neighbours.

Zine sketchbook with Rebecca Stewart

I was banging on about this last week and now it is up and almost sold out! 3 copies left – my little zine of sketchbook drawings. Not a bad way of getting something small out there in the lockdown, seeing who’s interested in buying weird art and so on. The response has been most satisfactory!

Reddit AMA with Eileen Ormsby 

I did a Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”).

IAmA dark web expert, investigative journalist and true crime author. I’ve met dark web kingpins in far flung prisons and delved the murky depths of child predator forums. I’ve written six books and over a dozen Casefile podcast episodes. AMA

It was exhausting – 14 hours of non-stop typing, answering questions, but it was also a lot of fun and it made the Front Page, which is quite a feat

Love letters to writers with Andrea Rowe

By far the BEST thing I have done this week is organise to post out Lockdown Love Letters to 65 members of my not for profit writers’ group. This brought joy for fellow Victorian’s in stage 4 restriction doing it tough here on the Mornington Peninsula. Snail Mail still brings all the feels! We set up an album of all the mail selfies received so far on our page

Benny’s beer reviews with Benedict Kennedy-Cox

I’ve taken it as an opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a travel cooking show host! Done four episodes so far, here I am in Sydney (travel options obvs not huge at the moment) drinking beer and trying to revive the Man vs Food genre.

Custom icons with Sheree Dillon

I’ve been creating for my new website that I’m finally building in Webflow. I created some custom icons for my different services.

Motorhome dump point debut with Fiona Harper

I was on assignment on a motorhome road trip last week & made this video about making my Dump Point Debut. Enjoy the laugh!

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