Freelance makers are really coming into their own during the I made this Thursday celebrations in the Freelance Jungle. Maybe it’s the COVID-19 influence or maybe it’s always been a thing. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to celebrate when freelance makers get their style on.

There are projects for stress-relief and alternative forms of income. There are ones for the hand and for the garden or home.

Let’s check out all the freelance makers fabulousness for September 2020.

Kara Smith with embroidery 

I’m still making this, but my first botanical embroidery project is coming along nicely 😊 I’m enjoying the mindfulness of this new hobby – it’s replaced doom-scrolling social media on the couch each evening. Don’t plan monetising this practice – I just want to make gifts for all my loved ones! (Also bonus schnauzer).

Here’s a link to the artist who creates the PDF pattern and video tutorial I’m using

Andrea Rowe with Corona capsules

I made a CORONATUDE CAPSULE to help our family find hope and positivity in this last stage (we hope) of stage 4 restrictions. And to have a keepsake of what we can treasure and reminisce about.

Tahlia Newman with Covid-19 masks

The non-literary side of my business is my art and crafts. I make decorative masks and hats – mostly steampunk inspired – and sell them on Etsy. The visual art gives me a needed break from words (I’m an editor and publisher) But no one is buying anything extra at the moment, so I’ve been making COVID-19 masks. I got so inspired with some absolutely stunning aboriginal fabric and refined the design so that it’s comfortable and practical as well as beautiful.

Rebecca Carroll-Bell with mask, masks and a few more masks!

As some of you may know, I am working a part time office job and sewing on the side. This year is the first time I have sewn to sell after more than 20 years sewing for myself and my loved ones.

My decision to sew for sale happened to coincide with the pandemic, and so I sew face masks.

I have done a small restock in the MadeIt store, and have 2 different Harry Potter prints, black and white bats and spider webs. Click the link below to browse or buy, and stay tuned for more restocks coming up.

Sue-Ellen Louise and crochet

I crocheted this for my son’s girlfriend. She loves it. Crochet relaxes me and, once I’m all over the pattern, the structure and I guess ‘sameness’ allows me to either shut my brain down or think about stuff I need to write. It also connects me to my grandmother who taught me to crochet. I know it’s not a cool hobby but until I learn to big wave surf or hike active volcanoes, it’s all I got 😂 And I just love it 😻

Felt hearts with Natasha D’Arcy

I discovered the 1000 hearts project and I’m now obsessed with hand sewing these tiny little felt hearts. My son and I have made nearly 100 in a week. The hearts are a symbol of compassion and care. Recipients can give them a quick squeeze whenever they feel they need comfort.

Evening crafting with Kate Maraschino

I bought a loom and yarn with some birthday money and haven been happily crafting away in the evenings while I watch The Bachelor/insert any trashy TV show here 😅 This little bebe was inspired by the early blossoms starting to pop out and say helloooo here in Sydney town.

Sculpting with Sarah Tuscadero

My partner is one hell of an artist and maker of interesting things. Being as we both work in film and have been very low on work for 6 months I asked him to start teaching me to sculpt so I can maybe be more useful when work starts up again. I have started with dogs because animals are apparently easier than geometric shapes or people. My first attempts so far and I don’t feel too bad about them. I tried knitting before this and was way more shit at that.

Sewing with Natalie Perkins

I’m still on my sewing kick! It’s very hard to find clothes AND sewing patterns for larger plus size folks so I’ve returned to blogging about my makes. The latest one was this very drapey dress that I wore when we went away to the mountains earlier this week.

Creating a place of our own

Not all freelance makers are of the sewing and craft variety. Some are modifying where they live to create something unique and special.

Interior painting jobs with Fiona Doig

Not work related but I need to gloat, I just painted a wall and my front door in a bold teal (it was off white). Whole house feels different, like my mojo is finally showing up. My house is very colourful and defies interior design principles.

Caravan renovation with Karen Nisbet

I’m renovating a vintage caravan and it’s been so much harder than I expected! The main issue right now are leaks! Hopefully sealed it all now, but won’t know until it rains again. I have a vision for the end. I’ve been making vlogs of the whole experience… sharing what I’ve done wrong.

Windang street library with Rebekah Lambert

The street library my dude built by hand got featured by ABC Illawarra on radio and social media. And we got some awesome books donated.

Freelance markers with edible happiness

Nothing would be finer than dining at a freelance diner. One where home-baked goods dominate the freelance makers menu.

Making Challah with Claire Hewitt

I made Challah. I am not Jewish, so I know very little about this festival. As a family we try and learn about different cultures and religions when we can. We’ve attended Chinese NY events, Diwali events and last night I joined a Melbourne synagogue FB live event. It was so lovely to be a part of. My bread is very average and tastes more like a scone. The Live went pretty fast and I forgot to glaze some of my bread before it went in the oven. But here it is.

Coffee roasting with Vyvyan Hammond

During lockdown earlier this year, I decided that my husband’s passion roasting coffee (and my passion drinking it haha) was it! It’d be lovely if you could check it out at and let me know if you have any flavour or product ideas! We’re keen to do some more small product trials aligned with events and holidays.

Cake with Georgina Auton

This is a vegan Lemon & Blueberry cake with caramel drip and vegan buttercream flowers (and edible gold leaf just to be extra!).

Butter sculpture with Shaney Hudson

A friend is hosting her own State Fair at home, and I entered the butter sculpting contest. Yes, it’s been that kind of week.

Gardening with freelancers

Can you call them freelance makers if they’re growing produce and saving the bees? How about we give it a shot because these green thumbs have got it going on.

Germination with Sarah Williams

My Tassie wildflowers are starting to germinate. Tiny little seedlings!

Supporting bees with Anastasia La Fey

I made a native bee hotel – because most of our native bees are solitary or only semi-social (Sound familiar?) amazing detailed info& resources can be found at 🐝🐝

A bee hotel leans against a wall next to a blue front door. It has been made by freelance makers.

Trestles with Hayley Rollason-Jones

Put the arches up in our new garden area and may have cried with happy. They look so good and now to cover them in snake beans, luffa, tomatoes, cucamelons and every other climbing/trellising food crop, we can.

Freelance makers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s fantastic to see such an array of talent (usually outside our freelance work) on display.

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