Welcome to the wrap up of freelance business events running for the month of October, 2020. These events are all virtual and proudly brought to you by the Freelance Jungle

Freelance business events for self-care, upskilling and getting your ducks in a row.  

Mental health month kick off!

We’re reminding you to take your self-care seriously and tune into mental health for the month of October. Find out what we have planned as well as check in with others in this special mental health friendly event.
October 1st at 11am AEST. Free.


How to say no (in business, life and everything)

Run as part of online course, “how to keep working when you’re dying on the inside” (course is $20 a month via Patreon). Thurs 2pm AEST



Tune in to…mental health with artist Amy L Clarke

Learn how to reduce stress and fly the flag for mental health with Amy in this special mental health month event. Wed Oct 7th at 1pm AEST. Free.



How to create an inviting in-store experience on a budget

Features tips on how to make use of the Renew Wollongong (or Renew Australia program) and do a decent non-permanent fit out and style it to look sensational all on a budget. Features Alice Henchion, Dan Patmore, and Suzi Meyer.

Wed 10am Oct 14th AEST. Free.



Why play is important to your business –

Getting your work ducks in a row is all well and good, but if you neglect self-care, it will catch up with you eventually. As part of online course, “how to keep working when you’re dying on the inside” (course is $20 a month via Patreon). Thurs 15th 2pm AEST


Let’s talk about death and end of life

Join an experienced panel as we open up the conversation about options at end of life. Exploring advance care planning, life storytelling through deathnography, holistic funerals and end of life care and support. Amy Sagar- Manager, Tender Funerals; Belinda Brooks – Founder, End of Life Education Centre; April Creed – Co-Founder, Ex-Situ; Rebekah Lambert – Founder A Good Death.

Ask your questions, bring your curiosity. Invite those you most want to share this conversation with. LET’S TALK.

Register now for free: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/elephantintheroom  online, from 10am -11am Thu 22 October 2020.


Why values matter in your business with Rebecca Glover and April Creed

Special event as part of mental health month. Hear from April Creed and Rebecca Glover, two former nurses in the aged care and end of life space who have gone on to start Exsitu, a values-based advance care planning start-up. April and Rebecca are on a mission to advocate for choice when you are no longer able to advocate for yourself. Using a mix of technology and self-reflection, April and Rebecca have created a unique roadmap of countless clients who have had their wishes heard and respected, even after losing the ability to communicate.

40 to 45-minute presentation with 15-minute Q and A at the end. Patreon members only ($2 or above)

Thu, Oct 22, 2020 11:30 AM AEST



Monthly freelance business events

You can attend learning events and seminars to help improve your skills. Past topics have included how to write grants, pivot your business, maximise local SEO and more. We also have group classes where we work through marketing, product, personas and a lot of other fun stuff. We also have long play classes in working through burn out and others in the pipeline to help with your freelancing. They are accessible via our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/freelancejungle

These include:

Pains and gains – a workshop on the pains your customers face and the gains they are looking to make. Think of them as a starting block for your customer personas for your freelance business. Run monthly on Zoom in small groups for all Patreon members.

The Anti-problem – sometimes, the best way to crack a problem is to look at the exact opposite. That’s what this workshop aims to do. Run in short groups, we workshop what the opposite of a problem you present looks like. Then, we design action steps to go forward. Perfect for getting unstuck on your freelance business problems in a supportive environment. Run monthly on Zoom in small groups for all Patreon members.

Developing an elevator pitch – learn the art of concisely and accurately pitching your business to clients, future contractors, stakeholders and more. This is a virtual workshop where you lift the lid on your self-promotion cringe and learn to proactively advocate for the awesomeness of your freelance business. Run monthly on Zoom in small groups for all Patreon members.


Coming in November

The Deadline party – get stuck into that creative project, business product or massive update with your freelance business processes with this unique freelance coaching experience run by Rebekah Lambert with hard deadline.

Channelling anxiety about issues and causes into activism and practical action with Jenni Briscoe-Hough. From NFP funeral homes to crowdfunding local creativity, zero waste supermarkets and live music venues, JBH translates her anxieties into creating powerful community initiatives that are revitalising the suburb of Port Kembla. We spend an hour with Jenni talking about how to get the community behind you as well as receive much needed funding.

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