Another month of the I made This Thursday thread in the Freelance Jungle sees freelance storytellers in focus. We’re celebrating the freelance writers across non-fiction and fiction. We’re also hearing from the freelancers with podcasts of the business, creative and cool variety.

So, brew a cup of tea, foot your feet up and let’s check out the latest crop of freelance storytellers in the Freelance Jungle

The non-fiction freelance storytellers

cube reads write without fear. edit without mercy. it sits on a table or bench next to s potted succulent.

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Whether using their bountiful talents to educate others in writing itself or championing increased knowledge and sensitivity in the world, our freelance non-fiction writers fly the flag for intelligent, useful, and practical discussion.

Writing tips with Chloe Higgins

I wrote a little post about writing as a daily practice (rather than something that requires ‘inspiration’). I know there’s a few writers in here so just thought I’d share in case it helps.

Self-care with Craig Mack

I wrote a small series on self-care for my blog that explains what self actually is, and some resources, activities and ideas to think, feel and do.

Parliamentary submissions with George Dunford

With the announcement of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Arts during COVID, you might be wondering how to contribute or even if there is any point. Here’s the article.

Conversation Killers with Oyelola Oyetunji 

I’ve been writing for myself and sharing my stories on Medium. Recently, I’ve felt more convicted to step into vulnerability and invite people into my experiences with racial prejudice. My goal is to educate and create more positive interactions.

My latest piece is ‘Conversation Killers – What Not to Say to Ethnic Minorities’
You can read it here:

Innovations in end of life with Rebekah Lambert

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing my article on the innovations in the end of life scene in the Illawarra go to press.

It features fellow members Belinda Brooks and April Creed!

Coal Coast Magazine with some other brilliant initiatives from the Illawarra. Check out the full Spring issue and read more on pages 48-53!


Freelance storytellers weaving great fiction

Feel like suspending disbelief and diving into a good fiction read? These freelance storytellers have got you covered. From short stories to fantasy novels, there’s something for everyone.

Lighthouse an anthology with Jodie Woodward

I’m thrilled to have a short story coming out in an anthology soon. Lighthouse is a unique multi-genre collection of short stories that celebrate lighthouses. It’s a project I’ve been working on with some fellow writers for months, and it’s so exciting to have it all coming together. I’ve included the link if anyone wants more info. You can also sign up to read a free story from the book (it’s a good one!):

Short story with Alex Vanags

My short story is featured in the Art & Words anthology which is being run by our local council and will be launched next week. Twelve local writers were selected, then paired with local artists who created an artwork in response to our stories. I’d encourage everyone on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to pop down to Manly library to take a look at the exhibition and support creativity in our community.

Earthcore by Grace Bridges

I’ve published a novel last night! Delayed a bit, because 2020, but it’s finally here. Print edition will follow shortly. Blurb:

The Earthcore team’s newfound fame means they’re asked to help calm an earthquake cluster shaking the Hauraki Gulf yet again. No geological cause can be found – indicating a source related to the Taniwha of legend.

Anira and her team travel to Waiheke Island, where clues point to the old, closed-up WWII fortification tunnels that honeycomb the island’s remote eastern headland. As the quakes continue, the team investigates a mystery from the 1940s. To solve it, they’ll have to head underground, where a young member fumbles with dangerous emerging power and the rest of the team find their magic almost useless.

Split up and trapped beneath the surface, Earthcore races to resolve a wartime injustice, but the Taniwha are angry – and the tide is rising.
(New Zealand fantasy adventure)

Freelance podcast makers a-plenty

Lend your ears and your time to the audio-based freelance storytellers that reside in the Freelance Jungle. We’ve got marketing, reviews, life commentary and more to keep you entertained.

Chat Marketing Podcast with Daniel Pinne

I launched a brand-new podcast! Pretty excited about this one. It’s called the Chat Marketing Podcast, have a listen and subscribe here

Popcorn Podcast with Leigh Livingstone

I am particularly proud of this particular podcast episode because of the immense amount of work and stress that went into getting it off the ground. Setting my alarm in the middle of the night to respond to urgent emails, asking politely, then grovelling, and then challenging myself to find creative ways of making it happen – and I did! All for this joyful result on an excellent movie. Enjoy the first part of my chat with Alex Winter about Bill and Ted Face the Music. Subscribe if you’d like to hear more.

The Periodic Table of Awesome  with Felicity Blake

If you love pop culture / geek stuff: we make this. It’s The Periodic Table of Awesome 🦸🏼‍♀️ Recording session broadcast live to Twitch every Tuesday at 7:30pm; podcast comes out on Thursdays.

Friendship Rose podcast with Rose Callaghan

I’ve been doing sketches and comedy shows about The Bachelor for years and decided to do a podcast for the season that just finished last night. seeing as I’m not working much atm and stand-up comedy is pretty quiet (I’m also pregnant) I thought now was a good time to do it. I recap 2 eps a week and each episode I have a different guest who is either a comedian, writer, or reality tv contestant. I’ve had some high-profile guests; decent media coverage and the numbers are going up by the day so I’m really proud of myself for doing it. It’s been really hard work but it’s also really fun and has kept me sane!

Vegan Women Leaders podcast with Katrina Fox

At the end of last week I launched the Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders podcast, as part of the Vegan Women’s Leadership Network membership community I launched in July.

The new show is inspired by Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and Jay Shetty’s On Purpose, featuring real, honest conversations with vegan women from all walks of life from across the globe who share their experiences, stories, tips, tools and resources for becoming the best version of themselves.

The aim is to inspire and empower other vegan women leaders and part of the broader objective of the network to help vegan women become leaders in their fields.

Episode 1 features the lovely Lynda Stoner who gave up acting at the height of her fame in the 70s and 80s to do animal activism. She’s now the CEO of Animal Liberation.

The show has just gone up on Apple Podcasts and will be available soon on Google Podcasts, Spotify and more, plus the video version is on the new YouTube channel.

Shrews Untamed with Jennifer Zeven and Jay Crisp Crow 

We started our podcast Shrews Untamed during lockdown. We’re so proud of it. We have our 9th episode out in the world – we talked about *Toxic Positivity*, something I think all freelancers can relate to. Listen, share, recommend and leave a 5-star review if you like us! On Podbean, iTunes and Spotify.

ALTS Project interviews Cormac Ó Síocháin

I was just featured on this podcast and thought some of you might find this relevant, as most of us freelancers are on a magical mystery tour in regards to our “careers”.

It was an awesome chat and helped me gain perspective and self-appreciation for my own path & journey.
Listening back to this, it was probably opposition from teachers, parents and society at large that galvanised me towards sticking two fingers up at a conventional career.

Can you attribute your freelancer journey to particular circumstances?

Freelancers in the news

When we’re not being the freelance storytellers, we’re in them. Check out our freelancers making headlines.

Prawn run write up with Laura Bestman

Our recent write up and video in the local paper on Prawn Run, the permanent artwork about to be installed on the shores of Lake Illawarra. The work is a series of 5 giant prawns leaping around a moon that is 3 metres in diameter. Will be finished by 1st September.

Come and visit the work and take an Instagram photo of the new giant prawns!

Mentoring scholarship recipient Kara Cooper

I received a scholarship to a fabulous mentoring programme by Inspiring Rare Birds and funded by the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office for Women. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been just completely overwhelmed since the bushfires, evacuation then floods, lack of tourism then Coronavirus strikes. I feel like this has saved me having some direction to move forward!

The A to Z of Wollongong podcast with Rebekah Lambert

Rebekah got interviewed by ABC Illawarra for the A to Z of Wollongong podcast on Wednesday! It’s about the 10 minute mark.…/breakfast/breakfast/12625474

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