Exploring community-based side projects

Freelancers often have side projects that connect them to the wider community for all different kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it’s about improving creative outcomes. Other times, it’s to offer support for social initiatives. And other times, it’s a little bit of both.

Here are some of the community-based side projects currently in operation from freelancers in the Freelance Jungle.


Peninsula Writers’ Club  with Andrea Rowe

A social media graphic for Peninsular Writers Club with the words 'Introducing our digial writer in residence: Bendigo Bank' in maroon lettering. The background is a white/neutral coloured photo of a desk from above showing a keyboard, mouse pad and a note pad with a pen. I just secured a two-year Bendigo Bank grant for my nfpo writers club I am the President of. Peninsula Writers’ Club has been running a Digital Writers In Residence program since last year, members can have their work published on our website as emerging writers build submission and publishing skills. But we always wanted to pay our writers! It’s so worth the time and energy writing the grant as we can now advise our 80+ paid members this exciting news. We bank with Bendigo Bank and have now given them naming rights to our community creativity program. Very chuffed.

To sign up to this Mornington Peninsula based group, head to https://peninsulawritersclub.com.au/

Mums in Science with Carmen Munian

A blue rectangular social media graphic with the Science Mums logo. The heading reads "Career Planning Group" and the body reads "About the Group: A safe place to talk about everything relating to careers- taking a planned break, a 5-year plan, is further study neeeded, redefining your skillset, mentors, mentees, retiring and everything in between". In my spare time, I work on the marketing and operations of a small business, Mums in Science.

We created a free social networking community, for women to get peer support on their rights, work issues, life challenges and more. Yesterday, I finalized and posted a collection of evergreen images (like the one below), on social media to communicate the issues the community tackles.

You can help, by telling anyone that identifies as a women about the community. It’s free to join the community and access the online events.

Head to Carmen’s side project, Mums in Science to find out more: https://mumsinscience.net/

Moreton Bay Writing Group with Tracey Lloyd

My IMT Thursday is a decision I’ve finalised today to start a writing group in my area (Moreton Bay Regional Council).

I’ve been struggling with what to do about a writing group that I’m involved in but I’m not really a fit for group culture wise. Saw my FJ Decision Maker Cards on my desk and thought I’m going to shuffle them and pull out three random cards to use as a lens to frame my thinking and make me consider the challenge from different perspectives. The three cards I pulled out were Leave Toxic Situations, Create Opportunity and Build Community which aligned with my gut thinking on the issue (leave the group and form an alternative).

If you’re Moreton Bay, North Brisbane, Sunny Coast and interested you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/gXFqV1

Rebekah Lambert with A to Z of Wollongong

Love surf? Wanna save the environment? Does gazing at natural splendour while celebrating cool ideas appeal?

Then this podcast is for you.

Welcome to another episode of the A to Z of Wollongong. This time, we’re exploring the letter K and taking in two of our favourites, Killalea and Kiama.

In our K episode, we hit up two figures who are looking after this natural beauty in two very different ways. Let’s take a listen at what Kiama’s Damien Clarke from GreenCaffeen and Richard Berndt from the “Save The Farm, no tourist development for Killalea State Park” action group looking to save Killalea from development in this special episode.



Made possible by the amazing people power of Culture Bank Wollongong, who make all sorts of side projects in the Illawarra possible through micro-funding.

Rescuing kittens with Grace Bridges

Ginger kittens on a black background. Their names are Miss Mango, Mr Peach, Miss Tangello, Mr Apricot, Miss Banana and Mr Coconut.Here’s what I’ve accomplished today – not actual work but so satisfying to rescue kittens. It took a while to figure out how to tell them apart and what to call them. I made this cheat sheet to remember who’s who. This litter came to us two days ago.

Miss Mango is all ginger.

Mr Peach is ginger with a white front.

Miss Tangelo and Mr Apricot are both ginger with white feet and Miss T can also be identified by a tiny white stripe under her eye.

Miss Banana is a lighter ginger colour we call cameo or champagne, with white feet.

And Mr Coconut is the sole tabby, a longhair with white nose and feet.

We think they are about 6 weeks old, an age where they should still be with their mother, but they were found without her so we’ll do our best by them.

(Editor’s note: This is probably one of our most adorable side projects ever).


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