Welcome to the action replay of the seminar How to grow your website with Google Analytics 4 with Ray Pastoors.
We were lucky enough to have Ray come and present in June 2023, just in time for the July 1st change over.

Have you been staring at Google Analytics 4, quietly swearing under your breath? You’re not alone. The big G is making some even bigger changes to all kinds of properties. With a July 1 deadline for cutover looming, it’s time to get serious about getting to know G4.
Luckily, the very rad Ray Pastoors is willing to pop on by the Freelance Jungle and unpack this new edition.
Key points:
– Why measure content
– How Google Analytics 4 can help
– Key metrics and what they mean
– Finding hidden treasure in GA4 (live dashboard)
– Benchmarks for your content effectiveness
Ray Pastoors @LYFsolutions is a curious thinker and loves to share his knowledge to empower others to find hidden treasures in their data. As the endorsed Google Analytics expert for Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success and Digital Marketing Collective, Ray has a knack for breaking down complex information in Google Analytics to focus on what matters most when reviewing your performance online. Ray is the founder of the ethical digital marketing firm LYF Solutions, helping small businesses grow in a sustainable and data-led way.

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