Freelance writers dominate the Freelance Jungle. Our founder and her 2IC are freelance writers, we draw a lot of connection from those in the copy and content realms. Plus, freelance writers are out in force generally in Australian and New Zealand self-employment.

But not all stories are told with words. And not all stories are what you expect from the freelance writers, storytellers or whimsy weavers you meet in the Freelance Jungle.

Here is our celebration from the I made this Thursday thread of May 2020 where the freelance writers, storytellers, podcasters, and whimsy weavers share their tales with us

Freelance writers doing their storytelling thing  

Anna Sublet

I have a story in an anthology of Melbourne street stories! On the Street–a Melbourne Anthology has stories from established and emerging writers about Melbourne’s streets and how they have shaped us. From high profile Acland St and Sydney Rd, to the little old elbow-shaped street I grew up on. Footscray, Brunswick, Carlton, St Kilda and beyond. There is no launch, due to Covid-19, so it feels a bit flat to have released it but not launched it. Some established writers give it heft: Thuy On, Nick Gadd, Anna Kate Blair, Michelle Fincke; and newer voices (like mine) help it swing. Haven’t seen a hard copy yet, but it’s a great collection from what I’ve read of it. It has been published by a very small publishing company, so there is limited distribution, so would really love it if any Melbourne minkeys could promote or share the link to order it. Perhaps retweet my tweet about it or post and tag me @subbie or other writing types on Twitter or post on Insta where my author account is @notesofsubstance Or buy a copy if so inclined! Thanks. Link to order anthology:

Yagan with Alex Kopp

I launched a previously published paperback book as an e-book.

Earthcore with Grace Bridges

NZ magical fantasy fiction: I finished prepping Earthcore Book 6 for test readers – it will need a bit more tweaking after their comments, but it’s basically done. It’s a way back in the queue though, as I still haven’t published book 4! All in good time.

Want to join the test reader squad for pre-published stories? Let me know and I can organise digital copies. You don’t have to start at book 1 – each standalone although the character development progresses across all of them. Any comments help, no matter how simple. It could just be “I liked this because x, I didn’t like that because y” etc.

Currently on offer for test readers:

4: High Tide, about a wartime mystery coming to light and treasures in old military outpost tunnels on a Gulf Island near Auckland (feedback on this one is slightly more urgent as I approach publication);

5: Toxicity, an origin story for new characters discovering the power of the geysers in Rotorua;

6: Timequake, portal time-travel quests to volcanic eruptions in NZ history.

If anyone wants to start at book 1 (published in 2017) please feel free to help yourself at this link. No strings attached, although I always love to hear reader feedback! And you don’t have to sign up as a test reader or anything for this. Books 1-3 are on Amazon in print and Kindle. Book 4 (High Tide) is not too far away. Suitable for age 10 and up, although most of my readers are adults. The vibe is Scooby Doo mystery with mythology and each one is equivalent to about 200 pages of paperback.

The Secret Ingredient of with Vanessa Smith

My newest book, The Secret Ingredient Of, is rapidly heading towards launch day. If you’d like to read a book where I’m always concise, clear and would never get distracted writing about writing in the middle of a fake recipe featuring magical creatures at its core, then sign up to my mailing list for release day notification:

The Light Edge of the World and other stories – LM Merrington

I got the final cover for my new book this week (credit: Deranged Doctor Design) and I’m over the moon with it. It’s a book of interwoven fantasy short stories with a bit of a neo-Victorian/steampunk flavour. The release has been pushed back with the craziness but if you’re interested there’s a signup form on my website at

– I’ll send out an email when it’s available.

The Speck with Yve Lavine

I wrote a story called “The Speck” that I’m getting animated it’s a short speck of a story plus I’ve got some of my general portfolio in stock libraries now:

Freelance writers creating educational pieces

COVID-19 grief and stress with Annetta Mallon

I wrote an in-depth blog post about working from home with COVID-19 grief and stress.

Making face masks with Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Bec takes you through a step-by-step process of making a COVID-19 face mask. Skip the making and buy them direct as well via

‘120 Ways to Achieve Your Purpose with LinkedIn’ from Sue Ellson

My existing books are all freely available for download at

(that was my small contribution to the Coronavirus Crisis – that and the ‘pay what you can afford’ philosophy for clients but with a minimum amount of $50 per hour).

Evidence with Sarah Slack

Getting sick of the conspiracy theories.

COVID impacts with Anna Dower

I wrote a blog post about corona breaking my soul.


Beyond the freelance writers to eye and ear

Photography as art and philosophy with Holly Shoebridge

A side creative project I’ve done for several years – photography and creating photographic art of sorts.

At one point I started a business, shooting weddings, families and exhibiting but I began to loathe the creative work. I chose to let the business aspect of it go and create for enjoyment. Once I did that fun and freedom came back.

Photo by the amazing Holly Shoebridge of Hollytree Photos (and Oceans Accounting)

Now I simply take photos and create images for pure enjoyment. That magic feeling when in flow and creating is absolute bliss. A welcome balancing for the mind. I write a small and purposeful piece to accompany each image, typically a snippet or anecdote about mindfulness or mental health that the reader may apply to their circumstance. A sharing of good vibes.

☺️🙏🏼 🎨

Street Art Unearthed with Stephanie O’Brien

Lockdown put a huge halt on my side project — documenting and writing about street art. But inspired by the creative spirit of others on lockdown, it occurred to me to start a podcast interviewing the artists behind the incredible artworks, and so far Street Art Unearthed is giving me more energy and excitement than anything I’ve done in years.

Most of the episodes are actually quite relevant to this group, talking about the challenges of creating and pushing through self-doubt. If you love street art or are curious to hear about the experiences of street artists, you can check out the podcast on Spotify here.

Boulevarde & Little Green – Take Your Time – video by Luke Walker

This was my last gig before everything got cancelled. I was asked to do a job to support of suicide prevention written by a band member who lost a friend to it. It’s a beautiful song and was a pleasure to shoot and edit. There was a lot of marks and beats we had to hit as it was all a single shot. I would’ve liked to do it a couple more times but still very proud of it.


Denise Sutherland and her budgie

My budgie and I made our first (and last) music video, for the funny Eurovirus competition! Peak Embarrassment for 2020. (They’re looking for more entries, if anyone feels inspired!)

Ex freelancer writers make the coolest fashionistas

I’m getting deep into photo manipulation during this lockdown with an event called Corona High Fashion, which my friend and I started. Every Friday, we encourage people to get dressed up in their finery and post a picture on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #coronahighfashion

Check your shelf with Selina Abram

I started a new author interview series on my blog that focuses on promoting Aussie authors, particularly those who have had books coming out during Covid-19!

Streets of your town podcast with Nance Haxton

It’s part of my Journo Project podcast series celebrating great Aussie journos while press freedom is increasingly under threat. This episode features The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists head Gerard Ryle. Hope his words of wisdom can keep you company this weekend! It’s been good to have a creative outlet in the midst of corona chaos!


Doing it for the kids

Wildflower Books

We’ve created a FREE downloadable picture book called ‘You’re a Germ-Fighting Hero!’ to help children learn how to protect themselves against the virus. AND we’ve created a FREE template to help you write your very own picture book!

Both are available for download from the top banner of our website.

Downloadable with Mariela Diaz-Rojas

My new freebie for my brand-new project Awekids. Educational activities and resources for kids aiming to teach and embrace inclusivity and belonging. Free A4 Colour in page. We have Peggy the Pegasus and Apollo the unicorn going on a sweet adventure. Come along join the fun and while you’re there share and like the page.

Thank you all for your super dooper support. Download high res version on the FB page here.

ATYP with Tasnim Hossain 

Along with a bunch of other Australian playwrights, both young and young at heart, I was commissioned to write a short scene for children and their families to play with while in iso which was really lovely as the theatre industry has just been so battered. In related news, if you have little ones, this might help keep them occupied for an afternoon:

Secret Shapes by Denise Sutherland

I’ve put together a collection of my Secret Shape puzzles (PDF download). This is a puzzle I invented — a word search with a hidden picture! I’m hoping they can be a useful resource for anyone with kids at home — they use ‘kid appropriate’ vocabulary lists and are great spelling practice (but don’t tell the kids they’re learning while they’re playing!) Also fun for grown-ups needing some entertainment too.

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