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We’re a talented bunch – you only need to check out the freelance products, courses and other works offered on a Thursday in the Freelance Jungle. The volume of members of Australian grassroots freelance community, the Freelance Jungle, who want to educate, inform and research to help their clients and peers is continually astounding. Advocacy and doing things a smart way abound.

Here are some of the freelance training, advocacy, articles and research created by Aussie freelancers


Freelance training in the spotlight

Whether you are looking to master social media or end-of-life care, we’ve got you covered. 

Social media training with Rubina Carlson

Ryan Jones, Jen Evison and I have been working on Social Media Day X Digital Adelaide 2021 which was held on 15 & 16 July 2021 at University of South Australia in Adelaide.

2 full days. 15 expert speakers. Big brands. Latest trends. Case studies. Tickets only $220!

Please consider buying a ticket if you’re in Adelaide or share our face-to-face event with your marketing/comms friends.

Full program:

End-of-life training with Annetta Mallon

I work with people at end of life and after death, advocating, supporting, offering grief counselling, and a lot of public education, and I have been doing this work for several years. My interest in end of life grew from academic work and research, where I was teaching a good deal in the arenas of health sociology, aging, anthropology, feminism, and some art therapy practices.

I’ve developed my own training in end-of-life. The course is at: where you can see payment options and an overview of the course. I am currently moving everything from my own website as well as the course content over to a WordPress site so I can have everything together on a single platform, but for now the course is available on the Teachable platform.

Clubhouse education with Angela Pickett

I ran my first Clubhouse room – so much fun talking copywriting with loads of people.


Freelance training outside lessons

Freelance training comes from the bountiful content produced, too, as the next few examples show.

Change is a great thing!

Creative inspiration with Jamie Sands

I’ve been doing live stream writing sprints with the brilliant Gillian St Kevern – usually Saturday and Sunday mornings, NZ time. If anyone needs some motivation to get something creative done, please subscribe to this channel for updates when around when the next one is”

Highlighting freelance life with Lynne Testoni

Rach Murphy and I have started an occasional series on our weekly podcast (The Content Byte) focusing on successful long-term freelancers sharing their professional journey and practical tips. We are both firm believers in the idea that freelancing can be financially successful. This week, journalist Jessica Mudditt talks about living and working in Myanmar, moving home to Australia and restarting a freelance career. So many great tips!


Changing things through advocacy

Freelancers are tireless advocates – ones that use their freelance training to highlight the issues facing society and the industry at large as our next examples demonstrate.

Advocating for COVID action with Adrian Elton

I ‘made’ it to official “Australian Advertising Figure” status in this just published article in AdNews this morning. Just little ol’ me in the same breath as Russell Freaking Howcroft.

Sharing freelance training and advocacy with Rebekah Lambert

I’ve successfully moved to Substack for the Freelance Jungle newsletter. Saving money plus received a lot of appreciative emails since I sent it yesterday. Yay!

And if you register for the newsletter, it will also let you read past editions. The main page is here:


Applying that freelance training to other things

And finally, the freelance training we receive in problem solving, setting up great experiences and how to market ourselves pays off in other areas.

Showcasing work with Rebecca Stewart

I was very lucky to get my first solo show launched (after 3 cancellations due to various lockdowns in Melbourne). There was a roof leak, crazy humidity and thundering rain all day but it happened! Heaps of friends and family turned up, and even a client. I was really thrilled with the response.

High quality experiences with Sarah Slack

Successfully hosted a journalist who seemed to enjoy his stay:


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