Are you drowning in freelance responsibilities and expectations? Sometimes, the best freelance self-care is to stop with the TO DO lists and outside obligations. Here’s a popular suggestion from the Freelance Jungle Facebook community

Be wild and free (on occasion).

You’re an adult, so you’re likely swimming (like Olympic swimming pool sized) in obligation.

You’re a freelancer, so you’re definitely in the deep end with the client obligations.

If you have a family, that pool gets deeper still.

Maybe you’re obliged to your ill-health, mental health or disability as a continuous state.

No one can survive that amount of pressure without occasionally entertaining spontaneity. You have to kick it up on occasion. Have no regiment, have no one to answer to, and just be a little loose, free, wild and fun.

That doesn’t mean you have to start turning into Budgewoi’s answer to Banksy.

You don’t have to drink so much your liver writes you a resignation letter.

Nor do you need to pick up the credit card and splash out until there’s no water left in the damn pool.

You have to find your you moment. That itty bitty thing that no one else can touch.

Knit in the park. Chase the birds at the park. Sit on a park bench in the rain. Or knit birds out of the rain on a park bench.

Run a marathon. Or run away from the friend who suggested running a marathon and say “you can’t catch me!” while cackling wildly.

Paint your nipples green before visiting the in-laws for dinner and giggle all the while are your secret.

Buy that book you look at but always pass by because it looks so damn cheesy. Don’t worry about hiding the cover on the train.

Follow random signs to a new adventure.

Find a gig, dress how you want and dance badly. They’re the best ones anyway.

Put on Double J on a Friday night, burn some incense and talk bollocks about all the silly shit you did in the 90s.

Make a decision about something you would like to do and do it instead of choosing to put everyone else first.

Just give yourself a break for a moment and feel a little spontaneous, wild and free.

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Photo by Waldemar Brandt via Unsplash.

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