Love a good freelance podcast? Want to get your head around some essential freelancing skills? Want them easy to stream and download so you can listen to wisdom on the go?

Well, you are totally in luck! Here’s a collection of audio recorded in 2016 and 2017 as part of the Freelance Jungle virtual learning sessions. They make some dandy freelance podcast listening!

PLEASE NOTE: Most were recorded with Blab or Zoom, two virtual streaming apps that facilitate group viewing and participation. So they aren’t your usual studio podcast.

The following freelance podcast topics are now available: 

Get your non planning business plan on with Brook McCarthy

Chew the Google AdWords world into easy to digest pieces with Melinda Samson

Get some great advice on dealing with stress while boosting your productivity with Gen Evieve and yours truly

Get some expertise, myth busting and easy to implement SEO tips from Kate Toon

Wrap your head around the world of Facebook ads with Russell Allert

Muse on solutions and ideas on ending isolation in the business world with Brook McCarthy and yours truly

Understand the ins and outs of working effectively with agencies from Sarah Morton (NEW as of this morning)

Use social media for the win in your business with Nicole Jensen (NEW as of this morning)

Find out what it takes to turn your cleverness into a kick arse course with Sarah McKay, Brook McCarthy and Kate Toon (NEW as of this week)

Navigate the legal parts of the freelance world with Cyndi Mindy Tomlinson (NEW as of this week)

Hear one woman’s story of overcoming adversity and learn to charge what you are worth with Kylie Travers (NEW as of this week)

Hear a 6 minute track of myself and my Labrador sharing our ideas on what it’s like to freelance with ABC Illawarra

Find all the Freelance Jungle freelance podcasts here in download and streaming format:

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