We explore freelance meaning in a time where it feels as though actual meaning is thin on the ground. While the crush of productivity and the desire to change our destiny propels us forward, now is the time to investigate the innovative and educational opportunities freelancers create.

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This is a collection of projects by freelancers for freelancers, other creatives, clients and the general public. To keep it relevant, I split these items into themed lists. This one is about exploring freelance meaning through innovation and learning. It’s a vast topic and one that covers a whole lot of ideas.

But gee, it’s been fun looking at the different freelance creations.

Here’s a bunch of different creatives creating freelance meaning through innovation and educational offerings for you to enjoy

Freelance meaning through innovation

Your Party 2020 – community connection

Julie Money of Trumoney films is bringing her film skills to you with this innovative film project.

“Here’s a new venture to help us celebrate when we can’t be with each other. Professional filmmakers record video messages from friends and family then edit together with photos and sends link to the guest of honour for the special day. Your Party 2020 is a one call party shop.”

Help your Herd – helping the vulnerable and voiceless

With tourism in Asia hard hit and animals needing our help, Ilana Tulloch decided to put her skills to the best advantage to help those in need.

“My name is Ilana I run social enterprises employing vulnerable people in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I also freelance. Self-employed on and off for 15 years.

I just finished this gift card microsite to try to keep our staff employed, as our income has slowed to close to zero. I am so excited that the website is finally ready after 4 weeks of trying to get a payment gateway (so hard in Cambodia). So today I actually need go come up with marketing plan!”

Creative Contagion – creative inspiration

Christine Heard presents Creative Contagion, a series of videos designed to excite you about the possibilities of creating during COVID-19.

Spend with Us – helping business thrive

Digital Designer Sarah Britz is using her considerable talents to help regional and rural areas survive post-bushfires and now in COVID-19.

“I’m helping small businesses in rural and regional areas of Australia to create free website stores through the Spend With Us website marketplace and sell their products or services online. Consumers have a one stop place they can come to find and purchase local Australian products and support small businesses in need. Most of these businesses have been affected by bushfires and drought and are now dealing with the impact of Covid-19. We are volunteer run and looking for more people with any spare time on their hands to help us raise awareness and provide support to these small businesses through either social media or our website. Please send an email to sarah@spendwithus.com.au if you’d be interested to get involved.”

Shopping Guides – helping business thrive

Jodie Bowker presents her best picks in gift guide format each month.

“Every month I make an online shopping guide. It’s full of small Aussie businesses from bush to country to coast.”

It’s here: www.loveofhome.com.au/shopping-gift-guides

Shop local with Lauren Pomphrey – helping business thrive

I made an Instagram: @orderlocalsydney

I’ve started this Instagram account (@orderlocalsydney) to collate local restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways that offer direct pick-up and delivery options for people to use. If you’re in Sydney and like eating, I’d be very appreciative if you could give it a follow and show it some love. And if you have any favourite local haunts you’d like me to feature, please just tag or DM me (bonus points if you have a unique image – you’ll be credited too of course) ❤️

Kathie Holmes – community connection

Online business strategist and WordPress specialist Kathie Holmes is helping grow fledgling ideas and businesses.

“I created The Collaboration Initiative to build a community of business owners who share each other’s content to create credibility and referrals for the good of all businesses. I would love to have some freelancers to help me get it off the ground.”

Rachel’s List Pitch Tracker – freelance writer tools

A tool for writers has had a major refurbishment under COVID-19. This from creator Rachel Murphy:

“We relaunched our pitch tracker this week (Version 2.0, far more whizbang) and I am a wee bit in love with it. Great for writers, journos who pitch stories and want a system for monitoring ideas, follow-ups, how many stories they sell etc. And if anyone here bought our original pitch tracker, we’ll send you the new one for free – just email me to grab it.”

How to innovate during Covid-19 – business innovation

Tracey Newman from Impacto Consulting shared this blog on innovating during COVID-19 with the Freelance Jungle.

“Ok so after spending a year talking about it finally first webinar ever done and dusted last week. We had over 50 people register nearly 50 attend and really positive feedback. Not only that but I have been writing articles and sharing them despite my inner critic telling me all sorts of BS! Would love to know what you think.”

Entertaining innovation

Political Murder Mystery Game

Kayla Medica has created something fund to pass the time in isolation with a political murder mystery game designed for Zoom and other streaming services.

“I made a murder mystery game to play over video calls! It was 100% just a creative outlet for me, and the setting is political leaders discussing coronavirus… so a bit of an emotional release as well. I published the game free to play.”

Online Trivia

Innovative Wollongong duo Alice and Martin Henchion are known for finding new ways to entertain the crowd. Their online trivia offering is a definite boredom buster.

“We’ve started online trivia! My husband is a comedian and trivia host so lost all his income. The online version is really fun. Tickets are by donation so open to all. Regularly on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings + options for private events.”

Random shit in my house

Robyn Cook brings you exactly what it says on the box. But it’s far more compelling and fun than you think. Tune in.

“My co-isos and I have created a new live and unedited broadcast called Random Shit in my House. At this stage we are broadcasting every day at around 4:30pm (the time can be a little random depending on the time-zone of my guests). You’ll also find it on Stories from the Red Couch Facebook and YouTube.”  

Within these walls

Break up the constant messages of sadness, panic and crushing productivity with Yve Lavine’s Within These Walls.

“I’ve started an FB group to have some fun with photography during our staycation, isolation, lockdown…you bring your viewpoint no judgment. It’s open to all so please do share with peeps that may be looking for stuff to do beyond scrolling the news or worrying about productivity.”

Freelance meaning through educational opportunities

Martina Donkers – grant writing

Martina Donkers is one of the most popular freelance grant writers in the Freelance Jungle. She’s now turned her vast knowledge to helping creatives, freelancers and more gain access to grant funding through teaching.

“My grants webinar last week was so popular, I’ve been talked into doing another one! It’s a starter webinar for anyone who wants to figure out grants, especially artists and small businesses looking at funding related to COVID-19. Details here.”  

Online Security

Andrew Stace is helping us navigate all things secure online with his group and range of online seminars.

“Almost all Australians share information via the world wide web. Social media websites in particular have become mountains of personal data & while most of the information shared online is considerably harmless – there are important considerations about privacy that are frequently neglected.

This month at Newcastle Cyber Security Group, I’m very excited to announce that Geoffrey Campey will be discussing how he tracks digital footprints.”

Helen Perris – online performance workshops

Helen Perris is a musician, teacher and friend to the performing artist with her series of online workshops.

“Since so many of my friends are professional performing artists out of work due to the pandemic, I decided I was in the position to help. I am putting together online arts workshops for schools and the general public presented by a professional performer who had their show or gigs cancelled. This way, the performers can still bring in some income. I already had all the infrastructure as my teaching studio has moved 100% online.

The first set of these are ready to go live and I’m currently in the process of marketing them to Drama associations and schools.

If you know anyone in this position who would be interested in presenting, please tell them about my group HPMS Online Workshop Presenters which is where I’m organising and disseminating information.

And if you have any contacts who would be interested in booking a workshop, please send them the flyer or my workshop link: www.helenperris.com/online-workshops

Full disclosure: I am paying the presenters per workshop. I am taking a smaller cut for myself to cover my time moderating the workshops, marketing and organising.”

Lotti Kershaw – educating the kids

Lotti Kershaw is a freelance film nerd turned teacher with a passion for education and digital literacy.

I wrote this blog post for parents who are going to be doing home learning with their kids. I have been compiling a directory of learning resources and other interesting stuff on the website too.”

David Blumensteid – visual storytelling

David Blumensteid is the comic artist behind the Naked Fella. He’s also excited to help people learn the art of visual storytelling. We should encourage him to do that, too, based on this offering.

“I tried out my visual storytelling class, ‘Drawing for Story’, as a short livestream. It’s for people who are trying to advocate for humans and want to have a go at doing it thru drawing.

At some point I might turn it into an online course but in the meantime, you can take a look at a chunk of it and try a few sketching exercises with me.”

Carmen Allan-Petale – blogging for business

“Hubby and I held a free live webinar about ‘How to blog to retain and gain clients’. Here’s the recording if anyone is interested.

Quarantine Kitchen – public service announcement

Lenore Avery put some skills to the test and helped not keep the home fires burning with a safety message called quarantine kitchen.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of smoke alarms have been going off in my area. So, I made this video as a bit of fun and to improve my animation skills.”

Groundwork with Rayna Fahey – freelance meaning through learning

Long-time Freelance Jungle supporter Rayna Fahey is working through her own creative cringe and bringing out something for us all.

“*deep breath* I am almost getting brave enough to launch my course. I have been facilitating a business/career/life design course for a couple of years now and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve done in such a long time. But I haven’t been brave enough to put it out to the world because #ImposterSyndrome Finally my students started yelling at me to practice what I preach and just put it out there. *more deep breaths*

Here it is! http://groundupcreative.com.au/groundwork/


Understanding government debt

Anna Butler from Copybreak is helping educate the masses.

“In my quest to try and educate more people about the reality of currency creation, “taxpayer dollars”, and why government debt is not inherently bad, I’ve created my first infographic in what I hope to be a series. I hope to post these either separately in response to various comments online, or together to provide a broader narrative that the layperson can understand and not cause their eyes to glaze over. I posted this in my economics group yesterday with a largely positive reception, so I’d be keen to get feedback.”


Freelance Self-Care

Maybe it’s less about freelance meaning and more about upping the self-care so we can survive and thrive in a world where it’s thin on the ground.

Be Brave Playbook by Katherine Rose

Katherine Rose is helping you keep your calm and carry on.

“I’ve created a free PDF resource called Be Brave Playbook that accompanies my book (but with fresh content) with exercises for keeping calm, clear and courageous right now.”

My Brave book by Heather Woods

I created a journal for my daughter who lives with anxiety. It’s something that works for her and I thought it may help other kids, so I had a few printed. I’m taking orders, but because NZ is in full lockdown, I can’t physically post anything until things open again.”

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