Freelance marketing activities always gets a bit of a rough trot in review and activation alike. We cringe at the idea of self-promotion when we really shouldn’t. Here are some fantastic examples of Australian freelancers marketing their wares, information and more in super helpful and effective ways.

The beautiful thing is most freelancers often market themselves by reaching out and teaching others. It makes for a great way to explore your abilities while also helping others succeed.

Let’s take a look at freelance marketing from the perspective of learning and teaching opportunities as well as community building ideas  

Freelance marketing of knowledge and ideas

A laptop reads I design and develop experiences that make people's lives simple. It is to demonstrate how rad freelance marketing activities are. It sits on a wooden table in an office.

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Freelance marketing activities often take the shape of teaching others how to be the best freelancer you can be. And how do you do that? With great quality knowledge, of course.

Here are some cracking examples of freelancers grabbing the mic to help their peers.

Navigating JobKeeper with Holly Shoebridge

I had the opportunity to speak with Lynne Testoni and Rachel Smith in their podcast called The Content Byte. We spoke of some lovely topics including tips for starting out as a freelancer and the excitement that is JobKeeper 2.0/2.1

Linked here:

Business copywriting guide with Belinda Weaver

I finished a free download that helps freelance business owners write their own copy.

It steps through why owners are actually the best people to write the biz copy and shares my go-to framework for beating the blank page — with an editable template to help with brainstorming ideas.

It’s all about making it easier to get passion on paper without all the hang-ups and head junk about “not being a writer”.

Masterclasses with Rachel’s List

We have some epic masterclasses coming up including a starter guide to keywords and SEO by the fab Rashida Tayabali.

We also have Jeremy Southern. Some of you may know of him via his hilarious posts in the Find-A-Finders-Fee group! We’re so excited about this, mainly because we think it’s so important when you’re a freelancer to be visible and build a profile. Jeremy’s going to talk about how he’s created an audience and found clients via his posts so it’s going to be a hugely interesting event – tickets here for that one.

And we have a third one with the awesome Lynne Testoni on quoting freelancer projects – she’s going to get granular! It’s on Oct 16.

Sustainable development for business with Tracey Lloyd

I’m running a lunch and learn on sustainable development for small business during UN World Development week in October (October 23rd is the event date). I’d hoped to do it face to face but have gone online.

BeKause Marketing with Bek Drayton

I launched a project I’ve been brewing for a while last week called BeKause Marketing. It pairs marketing interns with NFP brands to help the interns get fair, legal work experience and skills that are a requirement of most entry level jobs these days. And the NFPs get free content marketing assistance to run their socials, blog and SEO campaigns.

Oh and our first NFP partner is Share the Dignity 🤯🥰

Self-publishing with Zoe Hale and Sheree Chambers

I’ve been part of project setting up a self-publishing start-up with the lovely Sheree Chambers, where we do editing, cover design, typesetting, print and distribution, and we’re proud to say we’re opening submissions and keen to receive anyone who is ready to self-publish their book but without the stress and fuss! We can do the whole publishing package or split it up for what the author needs (e.g. just cover design, or just distribution, or a combination).

Blogathon Blogging course with Jay Crisp Crow

I wrote a new course! A blogging one for people wanting to incorporate copywriting into their blogs taught by a self-confessed lazy blogger who previously hated writing her own blogs.

Because, I reckon, the world’s laziest blog writer is actually a better choice to teach women how to write faster, more effectively – with more conversion for less effort – than a natural born blogger with oodles of motivation to blog up her sleeve. And it’s just now (as of midnight last night fuelled by husbeast-made cups of tea) live in a self-paced platform. Whoop!

Zoom-fatigue fighting immersive online events with Celia Wouters 

We have just finalised our next project- immersive online events that re-connect and motivate remote teams.

Utilising some of our event suppliers to provide online events that engage your senses and avoid the dreaded Zoom Fatigue. They will also work fabulously for online Christmas Parties if we get to that stage!

I would love it if you could check it out and hopefully it will assist some of your teams/colleagues or friends.

Marketing your communities 

Sometimes, freelancers want to help the sections of the community they see are missed by more traditional marketing activities. Considering the Freelance Jungle is an example of such community building in the stress reduction and mental health space, it’d be remiss of us not to share the wonderful communities of similar minded freelancers.

Spend with us with Sarah Britz 

I’m a web designer and one of the Co-founders of the Spend With Us marketplace supporting rural & regional small businesses affected by bushfires, drought and covid-19.

We have just teamed up with the amazing Jenn Donovan and her 270,0000+ strong community – Buy From a Bush Business group. Together we have launched our brand new updated Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business website marketplace to support and shop online directly with even more rural & regional Australian small businesses!

Asperger’s Network website with Ben Cousins

Previously I’ve shown off parts of the new

Asperger’s Network website. A tradition I would rather like to continue. So, this week, a look at a very early stage of our new wiki pages. Love me some style bugs but we’re getting there.

Online shopping guide with Jodie Bowker

I’m showing off my online shopping guide that has heaps of things inside that other clever Aussie small businesses have made.
You’ll find it here: 🥰

Ps. I’m also looking for new small Aussie small businesses to include in my next guides (Sept, Oct, and then Christmas). You’re welcome to share this post with your friends if you think they might be interested.

Payroll with Karen Connell

For Mum’s (and Dad’s) who work specifically in payroll, I’ve created a private group. Since it’s a specialised field and there have been lots of questions lately around Jobkeeper, STP and other activities, I thought it would be a great place to connect. Especially for those who work stand alone. Many people I’ve spoken to don’t want a group like this in Linked in since many people have connections with recruiters. I want people to have a safe place to ask questions to enable them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.
Please share with your payroll colleagues.

End of life with Gretel Sophia

I’m working with The GroundSwell Project to bring the Compassionate Communities model to the Illawarra-Shoalhaven. If you’re interested in End of Life, or have lived experience you’d like to share, hit me up!

End of life with Sandy Shailes

Following a suggestion by Bek during the Pains & Gains workshop on Patreon, I made a little e-book to support my end of life side hustle.

Great examples of self-promotion

Freelancers often hide away from self-promotion. But they don’t have to as these two great examples of freelance marketing activities via direct news and personal branding prove.

Marketing newsletter with Kayla Medica 

I launched a newsletter! I have been working as a solo marketer for my entire career, and got so sick of reading case studies and thought leadership content that was focused on huge teams, huge budgets, and not being able to implement any of the key points from those pieces into my own work. So, I have started my own newsletter focusing on actionable marketing advice (including career advice) for small teams or other solo marketers like myself! The first edition and sign up are both available at

Personal branding with Angela Denly

I made a promo video for my freelance business. Still need to figure out how to pop it on my website, that’s a problem for after my holiday. Crafted by another freelance business owner, Amy Bingham.

The final word

We often run masterclasses to help with freelance marketing activities and raising the knowledge bar. If you’re interested, you can join many of these activities via the Freelance Jungle Patreon and follow our Crowdcast page for both paid and free events for Australian freelancers.

Looking for more ways to enhance your freelance marketing activities? Check out our blog or sign up for monthly tips and classes via the Freelance Jungle Patreon.



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