The freelance marker is often on display with the Freelance Jungle I made this Thursday thread. And this collection is no exception. From paddock to plate, sewed and baked, we’ve got something to tempt everyone.

Let’s take a look at what the collection of freelance maker items looks like now.


Stitches in time

Handmade kids underwear in a variety of colourful fabrics.A cushion made out of a blue check or plaid pattern with a large dark blue letter A sewn on to it.A blue skirt with a pattern of large geometric shapes in contrasting colours. shapes

One of the most popular forms of freelance maker is the sewer or garment maker. From small to large, we’ve got the freelancers stitching up some amazing projects.

Sew happy with Rebecca Bec Carroll-Bell
My favourite time of the week.

This week I am super proud of these teeny tiny little underpants.

Cushioning family with Rhonda Chapman
I made a cushion for my toddler.

Skirt sewing with Angela Pickett
I need to get back into sewing after making this late last year. I discovered a fabulous Victorian online fabric store – and was pretty excited when she launched this print by US artist Lisa Congdon. Bonus is it’s my brand colours.


Freelance maker tasty treats

A jar labelled "Fire Cider" sits on the kitchen bench. There is a grater next to it and a chopping board with red onion skins.A large rectangular cake decorated in a Minecraft themeA wheelbarrow containing a 19.5 kg crop of sweet potatoes.A photo montage of baked and unbaked vegemite and cheese scrolls and cinnamon scrolls.Cupcakes with bright green icing and 3 googly eyes on each.

You can almost taste the amazing adventures with these freelance maker treats by your side. We dare you to ignore your hunger once you check out this section!

Fire cider with Jinny Coyle
I love being in the kitchen & recently more of my hippy instincts have been sneaking out. During a power outage last week, I made this happy little jar of fire cider by candlelight.

Minecraft baking with Rosalyn Page
I made my youngest a Minecraft cake today, while also finishing an editing job. He was chuffed.

From paddock to plate with Hayley Rollason-Jones
We made 19.51kg of sweet potatoes.

Did someone say sweet potato gnocchi?

Scrolls of love with Georgina Auton
I made some scrolls! Cheese and vegemite, and Cinnamon.

Cake hacks with Kristy Wright
Time poor Mum here.

Son had his birthday and I always make cake/cupcakes from scratch. This year I cheated and bought cupcakes, scraped off the frosting, piped on my own special recipe buttercream frosting and added googley eyes. Done for school.

Dog chews with Donna Watts
I made my puppy a chew toy. It’s her favourite. (This is not related to my work at all!)


The freelance artists

Wall art using what looks like collage techniques featuring an arch made of rocks, a figure in a swimsuit stretched out half way up the arch and several retro shop fronts on various rocks.A watercoour painting of white roses on tinted watercolour papeA blue kintsugi heart with red arteries created with water colour pencils

Freelance maker work comes in all forms – including art of the wall, paper and electronic variety.

Wall art with Monica Higgins
I made this for my lounge room wall.

Watercolour art with Regina Safro
I drew these roses growing on my boyfriend’s farm in Goulburn.

Watercolour on tinted watercolour paper.

Art for the heart with Melissa Betts
Broke out the water colour pencils to create this kintsugi heart- “I will create beauty from your broken heartedness”.

So therapeutic to do something creative for me, and not for work!

Electronic art

A rocket ship hand drawn on an ipad blasts off.A black and white geometric line drawing created in Procreate on an ipad.stylised Jenga set with business functions and focuses on each block such as sales, production, safety, profit etc. some blocks have been removed from lower levels and others are falling from the top.A photograph of the night sky and landscape with city light glowing softly in the distance.

Learning by doing with Vanessa Smith
I’m being a beginner. Learning to draw on my new iPad.

Mindful art with Kelly Davis
My latest hobby is more about mindfulness. I’m really enjoying using procreate on my iPad to pretend I’m an artist. I’ve done a few drawings but haven’t finished a lot of them

Jenga art with Sandy Shailes
I really liked the idea of using Jenga to illustrate the complexity of a business and how each separate part is reliant on and still needs to be supportive and supported by others.

So, I imported a good Jenga photo into my drawing app as my starting point and came up with this.

Star gazers photography with Barrie Seppings
Took an astrophotography workshop last week (via a camera shop + Nikon). Really relaxing – now I want to get out of the city (don’t we all right now) and try some more.

Freelance maker handiwork

Unfired pinch pots, fermenting weights and baking beads made of clay. They will be glazed once fired.A handmade silver wirework chain featuring five pin pendants made up of round malachite and azurite beads.A model of a grand piano made out of Lego. Tiny sheet music for "Playday" sits on its standA handmade wooden book stand that folds away and has a little thing you can use to keep the page open

Pinching, building and creating makes the freelance maker feel fulfilled as the next few items in our collection shows.

Hand potting with Natascha Mirosch
I made some pinch pots, fermenting weights and baking beads. Waiting for a bisque firing then I will glaze.

Jewellery making with Melanie Ryan
I’ve made several wire jewellery pieces. This one is malachite and azurite. Nothing to link to as yet but on its way.

Lego assembly with Craig Mack
This one is purely for the fun of the creativity and play.

Finally picked up Lego’s Grand Piano, my favourite set released in 2020.

3600 Lego pieces later… it was complex a build, that’s what made it fun.

Woodworking with Rachel Beaney
I’m learning woodworking at the Parramatta Women’s Shed. I tried to make a breadboard but one of the women accidentally brought in the linseed oil what was for decking (not food grade). So, I turned it into a book stand! It folds away and has a little thing you can use to keep the page open. Using all upcycled wood too!

Auditory makery

Not all art is for the eye as this next entry shows.

Sounds like fun with Helen Tobler
I was in charge of sound effects for live performances of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio plays. It was my first time ever doing sound AND I only slightly stuffed up the sound of the universe ending in the matinee, but I’m hoping no one noticed.


That’s it for our freelance maker run through. For more IMT content, check out the blog.

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