At the Freelance Jungle, we’re all about reminding you that stress has a productivity cost and to appreciate the balance in life. That’s why this year, we’re leading by example and observing a Christmas shutdown for the main Facebook Freelance Jungle community group.

This means that from Dec 20th, 2019 to Jan 3rd, 2020:

1)     All posts will be reviewed. All posts will be held in pending until approved by an admin. This means we can manage content on our terms. This is different to the current system where you can post whenever you like.

2)     All new members need to wait for entry. We will not be approving new members until the end of the Christmas shutdown. Given they often need the most support, we’re reducing the admin load.

3)     We will be making use of the mute feature when it’s deemed necessary. Sadly, we have a history in the Freelance Jungle with people becoming intoxicated and/or lashing out during the holiday season. We know it can be tough, so we’re opting to mute members we believe may be intoxicated and/or choosing to take holiday frustrations out on admins and members. We’re aiming to offer a virtual time out with the opportunity to reflect on the situation without taking the stronger, more permanent steps of warning or removing members.  (That is not to say you can be a jerk and expect to be immune from removal.)

4)     The admin box via the Facebook page will operational only for emergencies.  General requests, questions, permission asks etc will take a backseat until we return from Christmas break. If you are in crisis, there is something terrible and urgent going on in the group etc, we want you to reach out. However, please be advised there will be delays. If it can wait, please wait.

5)     We may choose to extend these dates at our discretion. If we need more of a break than the Jan 3rd date, we may opt to extend it. We’re also reviewing how we operate the Freelance Jungle in the later part of January and may make use of the shutdown to facilitate this.

6)     We appreciate your support. We know you care about the Jungle being a safe and sustainable project that contributes to everyone’s wellbeing. We appreciate that a shutdown can be inconvenient and ask for your patience and respect. Our Facebook group has been a daily undertaking of almost around the clock monitoring and management for several years. Please don’t send us rude and demanding messages or to argue against the shutdown.

This is the first shutdown the Freelance Jungle community group has observed since inception in 2012. The sky won’t fall in, and we promise we’re coming back!

There will be admins around from time to time, so you may see posts approved. We love being in the Jungle and enjoy using it for stress reduction during the holidays. But we won’t be coordinating to ensure shifts, coverage and/or meeting to discuss requests or content calls. We won’t be posting content that we feel could inflame the group or require a high level of monitoring. And many of the team will be using the time to be away from Facebook completely.  

We need this opportunity to refresh and recharge and we encourage you to follow suit.

Where you can go for support:

If you are struggling during the holiday season and/or are experiencing difficulties, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.   You can also text Lifeline from 6pm to midnight AEST, 7 days via 0477 13 11 14.

Thank you for being a vibrant, supportive and generous part of the Freelance Jungle. We look forward to helping you thrive in 2020.

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