Rebekah Lambert and Hayley Rollason-Jones are combining our experience with accountability pods and masterminds to help you reach the outer limits of your creativity. That’s right folks, we’ve heard your many calls for the opportunity to team up, act as each other’s cheerleader and stop those deadlines whizzing past at warp speed with the first ever Freelance Jungle Accountability Pods!

What are accountability pods?

Imagine if you had a machine from Jeff Goldblum’s famous film, the Fly. But instead of putting Jeff and a Fly in two different chambers and making a weird fly-meets-man super creature, you have the Freelance Jungle Deadline Party, a group coaching program and a group of amazing new creative friends cheering you on and helping you overcome issues, large and small. Then, add deadlines to the mix and a little homework for good measure.

Then, you would have The Freelance Jungle accountability pods.

How does it work?

As a mix of classes and self-directed work, the Freelance Jungle accountability pods are the best of both worlds. Like the Deadline Party, you nominate what it is you want to work on. This can be everything from giving a new idea legs through to making sure your marketing or creative practice is consistent.

Once you let the Freelance Jungle team know what you want to focus on, what sort of outcome you are looking for and what you have in mind, we look for the best suited accountability pod for you. We will play cosmic matchmaker and compare your values, goals and idea with other submissions.

Then, you’ll be placed in your pod together with an introduction, some worksheets and an easy-to-follow structure to help you support each other day-to-day.

Every month, you will also be invited to a live class on a specific topic (with action replay in case you can’t make it). You will also receive monthly worksheets, goal tracking ideas, and the opportunity to meet up with your accountability pods to discuss ideas, workshop problems and cheer each other on.

The constellation of goodies you can explore:

  • 12 x months of accountability pod goodness with your fellow freelancers with an easy-to-follow format you can implement to keep your accountability pod running
  • Goal setting tools and help with defining your project and mapping the mission ahead
  • 1 x Crowdcast class with Rebekah on a monthly theme to help keep your brain lit up like a night sky
  • Accompanying worksheet on each monthly topic to help direct your mission
  • 1 x mini pod (20 minutes) of uplifting content with Hayley and Rebekah informal chats every 2 months based on what you have discovered, asked and general tips
  • The opportunity to present your struggles to your pod members with the monthly Captain’s Chair check-in
  • Quarterly check-ins for course correction on progress with your self-directed project
  • Special fun places to socialise with other members in your accountability pods and in other pods in the program and share how you defied the gravity of self-doubt and face your final frontier
  • A retrospective “where are they now” party so you can see how far you’ve come at the end of the 12 months

Why are you offering accountability pods?

As admins of the Freelance Jungle community and (some would say highly addicted) self-directed studiers, Hayley and Rebekah have seen a lot of people asking for the same things over and over again.

  1. You want to make time for your creative projects, consistent marketing, side projects, new products and programs for clients, and exploring ideas but that good intention never quite translates into reality. Without a clear mission or a crew to challenge you, it’s hard to make your work a priority
  2. Being a solo freelancer is a tough wicket. The isolation and self-doubt can be crippling. And even though it’s great to pop into the Jungle and get advice, it would be nice to bring a little crew who can fire up your engine and help you succeed when the creative blackholes beckon
  3. If you’re left to your own devices, you’re often found whirling in a universe of opportunity but adrift. It feels more like an asteroid belt of “what if” ideas keep smashing into you. This feeling of having all the ideas and no focus leads to a failure to launch
  4. You begin the journey to connect up but only the strong survive. By acting to your mission control centre, each month we can help give you course correction and help you navigate what comes up as you make progress across the creative universe
  5. It’s fantastic being in a great big group, but sometimes, it would be nice to get out of the micro-city and still have support. This is your chance to orbit away from Facebook but still have a pocket of support for the ideas that matter most to you. And to receive the lifelines of ideas, education, friendship and de-stressing that the Jungle is famous for.

Basically, we’ve seen a lot of freelancers seeking out accountability pods in special forums, sidewinder groups, and ask about starting their own masterminds. Yet we also know most of these ideas don’t materialise because it’s hard to start something you haven’t experienced before. So, we’re giving you some structure while also bringing you together. We give you the blueprint so that you can explore the outer reaches of your creativity and blast off towards your goals.

How do you jump on board?

It’s super simple!

Let’s shift you from isolation, stalled projects and aimlessly orbiting your potential.

  1. Answer this 5-minute form on what you would love to do in the next 12 months
  2. Sign up to the special Patreon level for access ($12 USD a month)


Blast off this April with Freelance Jungle accountability pods!

An illustration by Jessica Harkins shows for monkeys in a special spaceship with a bunch of space suits on. It shows Jungle pods the accountability pods for the Freelance Jungle in space

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