Today, we celebrate freelance hobbies. They are essential for keeping us centred and happy, productive and challenged. Oh, and probably away from email on the weekends and evenings so we can get a break, too.

Here are some of the wonderful freelance hobbies in the Freelance Jungle enjoy.

Geek chic and nerd cool

No collection of freelance hobbies is complete without looking at the slightly geeky chic ones.

Miniature Wargaming with Michael Crook

I’m quite proud of this video, it is a couple of weeks old, but the newer stuff might not make any sense if you aren’t into miniature wargaming.

3D printing with Tim Hanslow

I didn’t make the models, but I did print these on my new printer. I love it.

Hamilton fandom with Jodie Woodward

I made my whole family Hamilton related shirts for tomorrow.

Upcycling furniture with Mem Davis

Proud upcycle job finished this week. Found an old house window and fell in love with it. It sat in my house for months while I decided what to do with it. I picked up an old pine TV unit, and with the help of a friend, transformed it into a custom-made piece for my kitchen.

Wooden toys with Kelly Davis

This week’s project has been wooden toys. Mainly for my daughter at this stage, but maybe one day to sell. I want her to have open-ended toys and making them for her is something special.

The fabric of freelance hobbies

When we’re not writing a yarn, we’re knitting them. When we’re not stitching together projects, we’re stitching other things, as these freelance hobbies show.

Knitting with Jeanette Severs

I’m knitting a beret and I learned a new stitch, knit one below, for the pattern of fisherman’s rib. Knitting = relaxation because I have to concentrate mindfully on it.

Exploring Barbie fashion with Rebecca Carroll Bell

This week’s work in progress. I’m enjoying playing with tiny sewing. The challenge is to make a dress out of 2 ties.

Mask Making with Rebecca Carroll Bell

When I could tear myself away from Barbie clothes, I have restocked my MadeIt shop with more face masks.

Kids sizes coming soon!

The art of…art

Freelance hobbies often involve challenging our skillset and ourselves.

Digital painting with Felicia Pettersson

I’m learning digital painting, and this was my first class and attempt!

Draw this in your style challenge with Nicole Newton

There is a drawthisinyourstyle challenge going around instagram where artists upload illustrations and open it up for others to do their own version. I decided to recreate some using plasticine. This isn’t my newest piece, but it is my favourite one I have done so far.

Art with Seren Trump

I am back at work but took some time off this week and picked up the paintbrush again. Pretty stoked with my improvement.

Tasty creations as freelance hobbies

You have to love freelance hobbies that involve procrastibaking and gardening, right?

Sweets with Georgina Auton

What more is there to say other than get in my belleh?! Also, I thought you may appreciate this cake I just finished for a friend’s boyfriend’s birthday tonight. We know the python code (and it had to be python not something simpler like HTML) is pretty wrong despite 6 of us giving it a go to try and work it out, but they both love the cake. I made this cake for my friend’s birthday. She loves sloths.

Mushrooms with Jinny Coyle

Continuing my new food growing thing, I tried growing mushies under my sink (dark & cool). Had one in fried in butter on the weekend … delicious. Going to try oyster mushrooms next.

Carrots aplenty with Amy L Clarke

My first harvest 🥕🥕🥕

Tarts with Anna Buckley

Tarts have been my salvation, meditation, and procrastination!

Want to share your freelance hobbies? Join the Freelance Jungle for I made this Thursday and let’s celebrate!


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